The thread about the perma-blessed lance reminded me of this weapon I've got. I'll copy/paste the key details from having my bard sing to it below. Anyone have any idea on value? I've also never seen a weapon that would prevent itself from being used like that.

The first thing that strikes you about the awl-pike is the weight, which is about 6 pounds.

Though you don't yet have a full understanding of the awl-pike's qualities, you get the impression it would be an involved project (233 difficulty) for an adventurer to modify.

It has a bonus of +20 from a normal awl-pike, and the way it vibrates in tune with your voice tells you that it requires skill in polearms to use effectively. It also has some type of special ability, but you can't tell what yet.

The awl-pike hums clearly, indicating that the item will prevent itself from being used unless the acting party meets certain conditions.
You think that you could probably find out something more about the nature of the awl-pike's restriction if you tried.

The harmonics generated tell you that the awl-pike has been infused with the power of a lightning bolt and has been sanctified for use by a Cleric or Paladin in the fight against the undead.
The awl-pike resonates with your voice, indicating that it enhances its owner in the following ways:
It provides a boost of 5 to Polearm Weapons Ranks.
A zorchar-edged silvery eonake awl-pike can only be used by a Master of the Order of Voln.
It provides a boost of 10 to Max Stamina.
It provides a boost of 2 to Stamina Recovery.
The awl-pike looks to have almost innumerable charges remaining.

The awl-pike hums clearly, indicating that the restriction's conditions are as follows:
This item may not be used by the following professions: Warrior Rogue Wizard Cleric Empath Sorcerer Ranger Bard Savant Monk

You sense that the silvery eonake awl-pike will persist after its last enhancive charge has been expended.