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Thread: Creature found permablessed lance

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    Default Creature found permablessed lance

    *not for sale*

    I always like hearing about unique feeder drops, so I thought that I would share one here. I had a Grimswarm cleric drop this lance yesterday in a warcamp. This is far and away the coolest drop I've ever had. It was confirmed on Discord that this was one of Wyrom's creations.

    A slender glossy blue vaalorn pike tipped in eonake

    +18 enchant, permablessed with holy water flares

    Didn't come with a SHOW, but I'll think of one to add soon.

    Couple questions for the peanut gallery:

    1) I'm not interested in selling this, but out of curiosity what is something like this worth?

    2) Any recommendations for improving this? I'm not terribly familiar with lances. In addition to much-needed enchanting, my initial inclination is to add some WPS (crit weight) and then add GEF flares at Ebon Gate / next DR.

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    If it is just +18 PB, I would guess ~125-150m. PB certs (when they were offered) were 300k at DR HESS (but that is to put on your super mega weapon). You can't GEF currently because PB takes up the flare slot. enhancting for sure, WPS never hurts, and maybe poleaxe flares or something. I am not too familiar with them but have heard others speak highly of those flares. EG would be the ideal place to add those because you can probably get it done for less than the 100k cert cost at DR HESS

    btw, was he swinging it or did it come from a box? if he just dropped it (i.e. was swinging it) maybe I need to to set sloot to start picking up weapons haha.
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    Ahh, forgot permabless is category B. Yeah - maybe polearm / bubble flares then... something scripted. Cool

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    For now it is. but supposedly there is a bless review and that might change.

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    And yes, he was just swinging it. By habit, I typically LOOK before I leave rooms (I don't script hunt). I had just fired off a cast of 950 to clear the room and couldn't see it drop in the screen scroll. Glad my OCD finally paid off.

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    Yup you can find some decent ones that critters swing. I found like 3 4x katanas in the same hunting ground in a period of a month or two

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    Quote Originally Posted by LOL BRIELUS View Post
    Yup you can find some decent ones that critters swing. I found like 3 4x katanas in the same hunting ground in a period of a month or two
    I’ve had a handful of critter found weapons (nothing on this caliber though), but strangely never anything boxfound.

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    I think doing moderate improvements is a good idea, but I think it would be better to wait for a perfect lance or a rare material lance to do really highend improvements on. Either way, epic find, congrats!
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    I wouldn't recommend too much WPS, perhaps up to 6 CER if that. I'd say 7x and a T5 should be tops, and perhaps a basic flare once the bless spot moves out of Cat B.
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    Thanks for the advice. I won’t go too crazy with the upgrades. I’m actually thinking about leaving the enchant as-is, at least for the time being, so that I’ll always have utility with a permablessed weapon that a lowbie can use.

    We will have to see exactly what bless changes are made. If bless no longer occupies the category B slot, then a permabless becomes even more awesome (I think). You could potentially get the holy water flares plus added category B flares (or even greater elemental flares, which would really pack a punch).

    Just curious, but BLZ, why do you recommend stopping at 6 CER? Just diminishing return on cost? I know lances hit like trucks, so I suspect that has something to do with it.

    This is kind of a unique weapon for me, in the sense that I’ll probably use it for a really long time due to the utility of always having a weapon that can hit undead. I’m not super focused on getting a ton of bang for my buck, just more bang!
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