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Thread: perfects from rare metals

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    Default perfects from rare metals

    So I've never seen a perfect weapon of any sort made out of golvern or eonake come up for sale, but I might have a perfect eonake spikestar and/or a perfect golvern lance in the new future and was just wondering what they'd be worth if the combining is successful...

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    Can't say the exact value but there is an upper limit: 15k BS or its silver equivalent, the price of a lesser transmute at HESS. Less accurate for eonake since the certs don't apply to innate property metals, but a sanct cert was 15k.
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    If those are from my slabs, I should get a discount. :-P

    And also what BLZrizz said

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    Thanks for the input, I thought metals had to share their base properties to be switched with those certs. Since there aren't any other 5x metals one can forge with (except maybe veil iron, which is even rarer), I hadn't thought those would be a factor.

    And they came from the slab generator... I'd never pay the obscene prices slabs go for on the secondary market. The only reason I used these ones rather then selling them is I haven't heard of anyone working on project pieces in the last year and got sick of them taking up space in my shop.

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    As I understand it, the metals can't be transmuted to others with innate properties, but it otherwise keeps its existing properties and any other material with no innate properties is eligible. For example I can't turn a 10x steel maul into a 10x xazuvrixis lance with innate death flares, but I can turn it into a 10x golvern maul or a 10x mithglin maul.

    The transmute does have a very slight mechanical advantage in that it receives the new metal enchant/ensorcel modifiers as well as its STR/DU stats.
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    Well, I was exceptionally lucky with this Gift of Eonake.... managed both a perfect golvern lance and a perfect eonake spikestar as well as a perfect white ora spikestar. The white ora one I'll be putting in my shop once I get it sung to, and I'll be setting up an auction for the other two shortly.

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