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Thread: Old style Coraesine OHE...

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    Default Old style Coraesine OHE...

    How much would that be about? The kind that isn't attuned but you need like +50 in discipline and something else for the backlash part. Just curious.

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    Weapon base? any enchanting or services added?

    I think I've seen sales around the 200 mil mark when these popped up in the past.
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    The old style ore was 200k bs at DR HESS in February 2020. So would say about 125-150m unless it has enchanting, weighting or other stuff added
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    since then the metal has become player enchantable/ensoc and has only been offered at raffles with attuned varieties. A few sales were made closer to 200 mil in the past year. 125-150 would be a good deal on a coraesine weapon barring an undesirable weapon base.

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    Ok thanks! Its longsword based...for those who have asked and I haven't replied yet.

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