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Thread: Sound Familiar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaps View Post

    No vote buying going on at all. Nope. Nothing to see here. Move along, take it, and like it.
    Like I said.. I don't trust Joe at all on anything. He will do what every politician does: Do whatever gets him more power and/or money.

    Quote Originally Posted by Back View Post
    There will be no war when guns are more regulated.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ashliana View Post
    "I originally created an additional account back in the day to mess with the reputation system" Rep system came in 3 months later...
    Quote Originally Posted by Tsa`ah View Post
    Well tell that to the Naval hospital that issued a birth certificate labeled Ft Lejeune ... and then typed it in.
    Quote Originally Posted by Back View Post
    3 million more popular votes. I'd say the numbers speak for themselves. Gerrymandering won for Trump.

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    “The purpose of the tax system is to both raise enough revenue for what the government wants to do and to make sure that as we’re doing that we are encouraging activities that are in the national interest and discouraging ones that are not,” said Heather Boushey, a member of the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers."

    Understand? Your money is actually their money. They know what to do with it. Not you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaps View Post

    “The purpose of the tax system is to both raise enough revenue for what the government wants to do and to make sure that as we’re doing that we are encouraging activities that are in the national interest and discouraging ones that are not,” said Heather Boushey, a member of the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers."

    Understand? Your money is actually their money. They know what to do with it. Not you.
    I'd like to say I spent my stimulus check on a new gun, or ammo, but my family is over the income level to get any stimulus checks. On the good side, my taxes help fund all the free government giveaways...

    Oh, wait, that's not good.

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    Interesting read. Transcripts of China's roadmap

    Couple highlights:

    "I guess that Americans would be totally disoriented if there were three or four enemies. China’s strategy is to ensure that the U.S. has four enemies: the terrorists for a sure one; Russia, likely, but maybe there is insufficient animosity yet; Brazil is a potential one. China tried to prop up Brazil, because it has the potential to become a power. Brazil, however, is not motivated and, therefore, not supportable. One more trick is to ensure that the U.S. be trapped in debt crisis."

    "First, Chinese Assets in the U.S.: After the financial crisis of 2008, the interest rate of U.S. national bonds rose rapidly, and after a period of time, they became hard to sell. The Americans asked China for help, and China bought more than $800 billion of U.S. Treasury Bonds, which contributed to the stability of the U.S. bonds. Actually, China owns a tremendous amount of overseas assets, bigger than our GDP. Among these assets, those controlled by our central government are worth $6000 billion, of which 2/3 is in the U.S. This is a guess, because the central government has never made the asset structure public. Why are they mostly in the U.S.? To be frank, there is no better choice."

    "In the past 25 years since the end of the Cold War, who has gained the most substantial benefits? China, the U.S., or Russia? It is China! The one who has lost most is the U.S. After becoming the only superpower in the world, the U.S. could beat whomever it wants. The U.S. has compared itself to God. But God is a jealous old man, so He punished the U.S. How? By letting it attack two fools [Iraq, Afghanistan] without any strategic value. . . . The U.S. has been trapped in these wars with $60 trillion spent, 10,000 deaths, and ten years wasted. During this period, China has risen as a power. Militarily, the U.S. won the wars, but strategically, it lost."

    "We are managing to squeeze the U.S. in various ways. (1) creating conditions to cause it to make mistakes; (2) exhausting it so that it will finally suffer from “depression” and quit [its position as the leader of the world]; (3) entangling, or enmeshing, with it so that the two countries will be inseparable, to the point that “I have you in me, and you have me in you.” This is a result of globalization, a natural factor of binding."


    "Our government hopes that eventually China will have investments in each and every congressional district in the U.S., making it possible for China to control thousands of votes to influence congressional members’ stance toward China. In fact, the U.S. representatives can be controlled. The U.S. has 312 millions of people, who elect 435 representatives. That means 750,000 people in each district on average. The normal turnout rate is 30 percent, about 200,000 voters who determine who gets elected. Generally, the two contenders have about the same number of supporters, separated by only 10,000 votes or fewer. Therefore, if you control a few thousand votes, you would be his/her dad. China, if playing well, will be able to buy out the U.S., making the U.S. Congress the second Standing Committee of our People’s National Representatives."

    "And while the Trump administration was trying to separate the CCP from the Chinese people, the CCP began to try separating the U.S. government from the American people. The CCP thinks the latter are friendly to China. But I believe the CCP thinks not of the people but of American corporations, who have profited from Chinese engagement. They cannot resist a market with 1.4 billion consumers and a relatively cheap but skilled labor force; the U.S. government cannot prohibit them from doing business with, or in, China. In the words of the CCP, Wall Street will prevail over the U.S. government."

    People better wake up. The information is out there if one cares to find it.

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    ROFL - How racist can "non-racists" be? All those "woke non-racists" are really helping POCs and think highly of them.

    You jackasses that have supported such a narrative and think you're "helping", are fucking morons.

    "Students should also be allowed to skip musical skills such as learning to play the keyboard or conducting orchestras — because the repertoire “structurally centers white European music” which causes “students of color great distress,” the board reportedly wrote in its report."

    So they're saying POCs are to stupid to learn sheet music and it causes them angst? Yea, not racist at all.

    The fucking woke crowd really needs to "wake" up.

    Have to love how they're implementing segregation under the auspice of "helping".

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    Want to see hypocrisy in action?

    Biden says it's part of Jim Crow. Not surprising his party was the one abusing it. Now they want to get rid of it. LOL

    They care about you. They really, really do.

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    Fake news, obviously.

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    ROFL - to many downvotes on every White House post.

    Now they have to hide the dislikes on YouTube. ROFL

    Yea, no funny business at all. LOL.

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    Interesting article, and it applies to what's going on if know what looking for.

    2018 - Originally 480 million to develop (reasonable)
    2020 - Senate considers stopping the second half of the contract; so total would be only 240 million for development (reasonable)
    2021 - 22 BILLION dollar contract awarded to Microsoft (WTF??)

    Wonder where all that wonderful "stimulus" money is going? Keep your eye out for such occurrences.

    I'm all for supporting and developing future gear for our Soldiers. You don't jump from 480 million though (reasonable) to 22 BILLION. Oh, and BTW:

    "The Army used a fast-track buying method known as “other transaction authority” to side-step much of the red tape typically involved in a deal of this size."

    Look who they put in charge. I hated when Cheney was doing this bullshit back in the mid 2000's and I hate seeing this shit now. Politicians and their kickbacks.
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    LOL - snake eating it's own tail.

    These fuckers have no idea what they've created. LOL.

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