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Thread: Sound Familiar?

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    Default Sound Familiar?

    Free Hong Kong!

    Oh wait... nevermind... buy Lebron James shoes!

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    Portland - the gold standard of liberal policy! You too can live in this utopia.

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    Juicy Smolleeee back in the news - because you know - civil rights.

    The letter reads, “We, the undersigned, write to urge you as the special prosecutor to drop the charges against Mr. Jussie Smollett. While we do not condone the filing of any false claim, particularly of a hate crime, Mr. Smollett’s ongoing prosecution raises serious concerns in the civil rights community.”

    His prosecution raises, pay attention... "serious concerns in the civil rights community"... Not his lying and causing a National incident... No, no... his prosecution is the civil rights concern.

    Free Juicy Smolleeee!

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    Preach the good word!

    But don't follow it. LOL.

    Ouch. Bet Cuomo wishes he could have that one back.

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    ROFL. Looks like Chris Cuomo's not so enlightened as he thought. Dude thought he had the pass. LOL

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    Presenting strength and formidableness to our enemies across the globe!

    "You know, that guy, that runs that thing, that is doing that stuff... yea him... you know..."

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    ROFL -
    "Orange man bad!"
    "We love Em!"
    "No Orange to be had!"
    "Eminem is so sad!"
    "No Orange for that drink!"
    "Eminem - you stink!"

    I'm a rapper too. My rhymes hit hard. Going straight up the charts. Shit is lit. Speaking for a generation! **in before the wahwah brigade - it's sarcasm**

    When keeping it woke, goes wrong. LOL. Celebrities thinking they actually matter, and aren't just being used like the idiotic simps they are. ROFL
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    I expect the protests and support for the LGBTQ community to rage in our streets. How could China do this???

    Oh wait. Need that NBA money first. /smack forehead

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    Believe everything, immediately!

    Oh wait. You mean people lie?

    Only one way to finish this tragedy - behead the three that started this. Do it live at 8. Show the consequences. Right? Oh I forgot, we're civilized... as you can read from the story above.

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    Dogs reflect their owners..

    The Biden's are beating their dogs!!! Get them PETA!

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