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Thread: Ascension questions and more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    I seem to recall reading one time that lightening weapons isn't always a good thing, but I forget why exactly.

    Does it have something to do with ambushing? Or maybe it was two weapon combat and if the main hand weapon is lighter than the off-hand weapon then it causes some issues?

    Anything like that? Or am I just going crazy and it's okay to always lighten a weapon?
    It's something to do with wanting your offhand weapon to be lighter than your main but I can't quite remember the reasoning behind it either.

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    Was it good for warrior bashing to have a heavy weapon? I seem to remember something like that
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    Quote Originally Posted by gilchristr View Post
    Was it good for warrior bashing to have a heavy weapon? I seem to remember something like that

    The TWC weight thing was probably for RT or something, if it was a thing at all.
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    Not Simu feedback.

    Send it directly to StillFront: <-- CEO <--CFO <-- Head of relations Sofia Wretmann.

    All complaints about the game should be sent directly to the owners, not to Simu which will invariably forward such complaints to "do nothing, sit-on-my-hands, I hope those 2 whales don't quit" Wyrom.

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