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Thread: 5x Tier 3 Globus staff with vacuum flare

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    Default 5x Tier 3 Globus staff with vacuum flare

    Price check on a 5x T3 Soul Eater staff? Vacuum flares

    a flame-darkened kakore staff cradling an incarnadine orb

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    No ideas from anyone?

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    I would guess around 10mil.... the double flares Globus Elanthias staffs are nice, vacuum flares are the best option of the three available OTS, and you've had it enchanted a bit above OTS. However, anyone that gets a game pass for EG likely gets more then enough seashells to get one and unlock it to this level along with whatever else they want, the theme of the staffs don't appeal to most that aren't sorcerers, and there are other scripts or flares not too far above that price point that offer more mechanical advantages.

    That said, mechanics aren't everything and there are some that really love unique messaging and the feature changes they allow. My sorcerer has that same staff and I love using it, the only difference is I've put T3 ensorcellment on mine. If you're thinking of auctioning it off, sometime in the next couple months would prolly be best...wait too long and people will be looking mostly for project pieces for DR then EG will roll around again.

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    That's all very useful, thanks very much

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