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    Perfects made of these metals rarely come up for sale and even the slabs to make them are difficult to come by. This makes them excellent choices for project pieces to show off to your friends!

    I can remove the hilt from the desc either weapon at the request of the winner(s), but I cannot add them back once it has been done. I can deliver to RR, the Landing, or Mist Harbor and the winner needs to either be on Discord or be responsive to thought net, Lich communication is not possible. All bids will be expressed in silvers, but I will accept BS at a rate of 1k BS/1mil silver. Updates will be made twice daily until sold:

    a perfect walnut-handled eonake spikestar (+20, sanctified)- MB 10mil CB: 10m Treben SOLD

    a perfect steel-shafted golvern lance (+25)- MB 10mil CB: 10m Shrink2000 SOLD and delivered
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    10m on the lance.

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    Updated, winner of the lance check your inbox

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    Updated, auction ending in the morning if there are no further bids

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