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Thread: Aug chain, Aug chain, Half Plate!

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    Default Aug chain, Aug chain, Half Plate!

    1. T4 Forest Armor Augmented Chain
    7x enchant, MAGMA flares, 2 CER crit padding with a clean window.

    BO: 45m

    2. Augmented Chain
    +37 enchant, T5 ensorcell, 11.33 CER crit padding with a clean window. 20% PERM puncture resist.

    MB: 80m
    BO: 100m

    3. Eonake Half Plate (comes with an Eonake Coif for the head and neck protection!)
    7x enchant, SANCTified, 2CER damage padding, 20% PERM lightning resist, 10% slash vulnerable, Anfelt zests

    BO: 45m

    As always I will accept cash at $4.50 per million.
    If you need to contact me find me on Discord at synthar#9778, in game as Gherraltis, or message me here!
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    #2 sold on buyout

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    Bump! 2 fine armors here. Send me offers if you don't like my prices!

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    ZOMG! Crazy Bumps! The MB is now the BO!

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    Much Bump! Make offer?

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    Bumps - Buy these armors NOW to help support Peggyanne's continued support of the OSA Companion scripts!
    Also; the prices have been reduced again!

    Bring me offers! I will accept one handed (Morning Star is number 1, will consider a handaxe or a falchion) Animalistic Spirit weapons at higher than sticker price value for trade in!

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    Bump Bump!

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