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    Before December average new daily deaths exceeded 2,000 for exactly two days in April. On December 2nd we hit that grim milestone and lost at least that many for more than two months. 200,000 deaths later

    Let me say that again.

    TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND deaths later, we finally got under that bar.

    For five days.

    And we went back over yesterday.

    An undying fantasy of certain people is that we can somehow protect the vulnerable and let everyone else do whatever.
    Or that it's the nursing homes.
    Or that vaccines will save us.
    Or that it's the seasons.

    The simple truth is that despite all of those, our decrease in cases has stopped.
    It stopped because we let it.
    It won't start again until we make it.

    The simple truth is that our protection of the vulnerable hasn't brought deaths below the cases curve.
    If anything, deaths have begun to outstrip cases.

    The simple truth is that


    I told you new cases would drop below 100,000.
    I told you they would keep going down and plateau a week ago.
    I told you they would rise sharply in March.

    You watch a fly ball.
    It goes up.
    It goes up more slowly.
    It goes up more slowly still.
    It hangs for a moment in the air, perfectly frozen.

    What happens next?


    What more will it take for us to do something about it?


    This is our final battle, and we've come to it late.
    A year in, and we're still late.
    The variants can't beat a fully vaccinated population.
    Here's how far we are from a fully vaccinated population.

    Oops that's Israel again, who surpassed our level of vaccinations on January 7th.
    And two months later they STILL haven't driven deaths below cases.


    We heard it was a foreigner problem - wrong.
    We heard it was a California and New York problem - wrong.
    We heard it was a big cities problem - wrong.
    We heard it was a nursing homes problem - wrong.
    We heard it was a seasonal problem - wrong.

    Every single solitary time someone has said it won't be that bad, we'll magically be different and okay, they have been absolutely and incontrovertibly wrong.

    Can we stop being wrong, for once?

    Literally one time in the face of a catastrophic global pandemic?

    Can we, for once, grow up?


    No one's listening to a Connecticut Republican.
    No one needs to twist the arm of blue state Democrats.
    It's up to Republicans in red states.
    Call your Representatives, call your Senators.

    The liberals were right all along about this.

    It doesn't mean the liberals were right about everything (although they were).
    It doesn't mean the liberals will always be right about everything (although they will).

    Just shut the f*** up and do the right thing.

    Printing money.

    It's what we need now.
    Not forever.
    Not in November 2022.

    Right now.


    We aren't going into the eye of the hurricane.
    We aren't in it.

    We're already past it.
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    Hasta pronto, porque la vida no termina aqui...
    America, stop pushing. I know what I'm doing.

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