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Thread: Map DB

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    Might take me a while, but I will check it.

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    I have looked at this. There is one issue. The issue as I see it is at the bottom.

    If you must stop in that particular room for some reason (20786? and / or 12667 as actual targets that must be landed in), I would suggest you get with the Discord mapping team and see if they can help sort it. There are some big names involved there trying to straighten out the mapdb.

    If you do not have a need for that particular room, and you just want to travel back and forth, pick a different room number / click on a different room on the map, and you should be fine. Even better, pick a room on the right side of the Temple to start out in and exit through, and you'll never see this problem.

    The mapdb I have allows one to swim in and out of Nelemar on the left side if a room other than the room between 12712 and 12729 (my mapdb shows that as room 20786) is chosen. The entire right side of Nelemar, including the corresponding room (my mapdb shows the corresponding room as 12677) works flawlessly. The issue is '20786' and '12677' are identical in all ways but it appears someone believes it must still exist as a separate room for some other reason. You can confirm the rooms and room descriptions in your mapdb by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on the appropriate room on the map to see if you see this same issue.

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    When I go to the right I still end up with the "i'm Lost" message.... I can also see the 20786 room id but I think the problem may be when go2 peers down. If it peers down before it goes to the staircase, I get lost.

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    There is a script on the repo called 'version'. Can you download that and run it? I want to see explicitly which map file your system is loading.

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    Ruby version........: 2.4.5
    Ruby platform.......: x64-mingw32
    Ruby engine.........: ruby
    Lich version........: 4.6.58
    SQLite3 version.....: 1.3.13
    Gtk version.........: 2.24.30
    Cairo version.......: 1.16.0
    ;version Version....: 0.5

    LICH_DIR............: C:/Users/Susan/lich
    SCRIPT_DIR..........: C:/Users/Susan/lich/scripts
    DATA_DIR............: C:/Users/Susan/lich/data
    TEMP_DIR............: C:/Users/Susan/lich/temp
    LOG_DIR.............: C:/Users/Susan/lich/logs
    MAP_DIR.............: C:/Users/Susan/lich/maps
    BACKUP_DIR..........: C:/Users/Susan/lich/backup
    Ruby location.......: C:\Ruby24-x64\bin\rubyw.exe

    MapDB filename................: not found
    gameobj-data last modified....: 2021-02-14 09:31:46 -0600
    spell-list last modified......: 2019-10-20 13:37:19 -0500

    Running scripts.....: infomon, lnet, dreavening, rnum, keepalive, title, sorter, uberbar, uberbounty, voodoo, killcounter, stand, bigshot, version
    Downstream hooks....: inventory_boxes_off, lnet-watch-forage, rNums, title_display_professions, sorter, fix_gameobj_status, SLootDisk, SLootGameObjWatcher, bigshot_monitor
    Upstream hooks......: inventory_boxes_toggle, alias-service, lnet, proper_tip, voodoo, killtracker, infomon
    Current threads.....: 33
    Use `;version SCRIPT [SCRIPT2 [SCRIPT3...]]` to report the installed versions of one or more Lich scripts.
    Use `;version ALL` to report the installed versions of ALL downloaded Lich scripts.

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    Not related to your problem, but you may want to update your ruby version and spell-list.xml files.
    The Ruby installer can be found on the wiki and is an 32bit version of 2.5.5.
    Alternately, there is a GTK3 version you can grab from Doug on discord
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    Ok, that version of version isn't looking for 'json' files, so that's why you got the not found. But we know you can load a map, and you're on the Lich version that supports json map files, so that's all good. And you only have one map json file?

    The json file format is terrible when it comes to trying to sort out differences between versions, so I think we should forego that - even though mine works and yours doesn't, a simple diff isn't likely to help us. Two choices. You can get the mapdb from another source, or you can join this Discord link and ask the team working on it if they can help get it straightened out for all players. I'd recommend the second, but if you want I can see if I can find an older copy of the mapdb for you to try.

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    I have this problem all the time, and I'm getting sick of it. I'm not sure why the fucking thing can't just run to the given room, and why it feels the need to do this peer down shit. It loves to get stuck in a room that loves to have a dissembler in it, and you walk right into an implosion. If I knew how to have bigshot initiate a regular stormfront written script that would avoid using go2, I'd use that in a heartbeat.

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    I'm wondering if this error is a combination of ;go2 and the mapdb. Risen said that the 2 dais's on either side of the Nelemar entrance have the exact same room description. When you enter one of those rooms they are mapped with a number (or so it seems). Narost insists on "peer down" at which point the room becomes unmapped and you get lost. Would it make sense that because more than 1 room has the exact same description that go2 can't recognize the difference and returns with no room number? I do know that when you enter the room you have a 3 second rt from the swim in. You "peer down" and "go staircase" before the rt expires. When "go staircase" beats the "peer down" once the rt expires everything works fine. It only get's lost when it tries to "peer down" before "go staircase".

    Just thinking out loud but could this be what is happening? If so, what could the solution be?
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