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    I've got a monk in the works but I'm curious how they well they do at high level? Any areas they have trouble dealing with? Also any specific types of gear and flaring things I should be keeping an eye out for?

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    just fine. i have a UAC capped voln monk that i mstrike everything. No issues so far. Those animilatistic spirit UAC gloves/boots at DR seem pretty good. Been using those on him in the arena so far. haven't tested them outside DR yet though.

    I also hear knockout gloves are great.

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    Excellent. Pretty much a cake walk through 0-100 and even easier post cap. Ascension has filled in a lot of gaps, making race choice less important. I'd still suggest halfling.

    Depending on your gear budget, I would prioritize a script flare, if to expensive grab some common/uncommon flaring gear.

    Script flares:
    Knockout flaring
    Animalistic spirit
    Parasitic(not my first choice but it is a script flare, blessable/flares on undead)
    Greater elemental(not blessable but great flares otherwise)
    Realmnot blessable, has elemental flares based on location)

    Common/uncommon flares:
    Some slightly better or worse; dependent on the creature/immunity

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    deathflares have been disqualified from UCS gloves/boots, so probably less of an option now.

    Changes are incoming for bless, so CAT B might be more versatile in the next couple months.

    At EG, you can (potentially) get a pair of ghezyte gloves created. They come with intimidation flares that don't occupy any flare category. Enchant them up to 8x, get KO flares added, keep them blessable.

    Buy your animalistic boots at EG, unlock the REVENGE flares, and change the grapple to something that does decent damage / crits (i.e. disintegrate) because you're rarely worried about knocking stuff over by the time you start kicking things. Now you can flare when you evade while in offensive/advanced & have decently flaring damage boots. Keep em blessable.

    Then do whatever makes the most sense with CAT B once the bless changes are advertised.

    Don't skimp on MoC training. Voln or GoS make the most sense (GoS is a bit more difficult due to the stamina usage) for a society. If the new invoker is around to stay (fully spells you up), you definitely don't need to worry about over-training in spell ranks anymore. 1214, stop, get your MoC, get a threshold or two in transformation / telepathy, then worry about getting spells later.
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    I snagged a set of animalistic gloves and boots at DR but I'll keep any eye out for ghezyte gloves once EG rolls around again. Thanks for the idea of switching flare types too. I hadn't even thought of that.

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