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Thread: 6x/6x T4 Nervestaff, T5 ensorcell

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    Cool 6x/6x T4 Nervestaff, T5 ensorcell

    a lacquered scrollworked illthorn runestaff

    The gold standard in runestaff awesomeness since 2015. Full affinity (about 400 arena runs to work off).

    $350 paypal f/f. Best way to reach me is on Discord ("Macillus" on the GS4 server).

    You analyze your illthorn runestaff and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.
    The creator has also provided the following information:
    The runestaff has a mechanical (combat) script which provides three basic types of functionality that can be broken down into the following categories:
    AFFINITY - A special, custom 'bonding' like mechanism.  Any given item can share an Affinity with only one person at a time.  Affinity is gained by wielding the item and landing successful hits against like level foes.
    BACKLASH - Potential negative effects, including immobilization, stuns, and nervous system damage, that can occur at random.  As the wielder's Affinity with the item grows, the chance of a Backlash occurring are reduced.
    FLARES   - Off-the-Shelf, this item comes with a 'Muscle Memory' flare that, when triggered, will temporarily enhance the wielder's Combat Maneuver Ranks.  The magnitude of the enhancement is based on the degree of Affinity shared with the wielder, while the frequency of the the flare is determined by the item's tier.
    Unlocked items also possess the potential for an offensive 'Misery Unleashed' flare.  This flare can ONLY be triggered when the the item is wielded against like level foes by someone with whom a COMPLETE Affinity is shared.
    This is a tiered item that is currently Tier 4 of 4, which results in a 35% chance for the Muscle Memory flare to trigger when used against like level foes.  It also has the following verbs available:  CLENCH, TOUCH, STARE, LISTEN, and BERSERK.
    The illthorn runestaff shares a complete Affinity with someone, but it isn't with you!  This will result in a bonus of 5 to Combat Maneuver Ranks being applied when the Muscle Memory flare is successfully triggered.
    Using this item in combat against like level foes will decrease the Affinity Level.
    This illthorn runestaff may be freely altered by any merchant who is comfortable doing so, with the following caveat:  The runestaff was formed of special saplings that were trained to grow around one another.  In order to reflect this, it should always contain the word 'twisted', 'braided', 'helical', or something similiar in its TAP description.
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