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Thread: Doubles vs. fulls for post-cap wizard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinualdo View Post
    oh did not know that but works out because I am going to chainmail for my cleric
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    Quote Originally Posted by drauz View Post
    It is changing with the new maneuvers update. fluidity is moving to a fittings service and armored casting is a regular one, they will be allowed on the same item. So studded would be 4% with fluidity and armored casting is changing to 3s hard RT instead of failing the cast. It mainly only doable if you have dodge complete so you have almost zero % chance to get hit in offensive.
    Looks like the Fluidity-via-fittings was reverted on the 9th, which sucks. I was looking forward to being able to offer Support & Fluidity at the same time from my paladin.
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    Oh, and another thought... I guess 1202 + robes may become problematic with the new spell stripping mechanics being contemplated? (And also problematic for me hunting in the Rift?)

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    Robes, light or full leathers just because the AP is better. If you want tank armor, go with leather breastplate the 6% is not bad at all, and you get all the extra TD via CvA of hard leathers. So doubles not even in the equation.
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    Honestly for a wizard it's not that big of a deal because of 520. The biggest advantage is the crit divisor from soft leather vs cloth on your head/neck area, which is the only reason doubles are more powerful overall. I use doubles on one wizard, who hunts with a tower shield & empty main hand, and robes on the 2nd wizard who hunts as a pure. Neither of them die nearly as often as my other pures because 520 and stop time are amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idalias View Post
    Several interesting ideas here. robes + 1202 + transformation lore is very intriguing, but probably not a route I'd go unless I had some way of self-casting 1202 on a somewhat reliable basis. Fulls + armor accessories works well. I tend to forget that you can use accessories to increase the ASG coverage of what you're wearing.

    I'm planning to put the mana-infused armor script on this, so using Elven Armor won't work.

    My understanding is that you can't use both armored casting + armored fluidity at the same time. Studded leathers are 9% base hindrance, which I think is going to be too painful to stomach.

    Still leaning a bit towards doubles, I think, vs. fulls + accessories.

    You need 70 ranks of Armor Use as well to hit that minimum of 9% hindrance. Got my reduxmage running around in studded leather right now. He only needs to recast 506, 902 and 909 on a regular basis and generally he's only out for about 6 minutes a hunt to fill his mind. He recasts 902 maybe twice in that time frame and 506 6 or 7 times and 909 two or 3 times.

    In all he casts around 12 times a hunt. Out of those 12 or so casts usually 1, sometimes 2 fail due to hindrance. In his particular case, it's not really an issue to have a couple of failed casts, even if they happen in a row. His DS is high enough to easily avoid hits from defensive stance and even if he's caught in offensive the creatures still need a 60+ roll to hit him.

    Right now the only things that outright stop him from hunting (he has yet to die from hunting since level 35 or so) is an open roll maneuver that inflicts a solid rank 2/3 wound or if he takes a lot of minors that build up to a rank 2 range on the arms/hands/eyes/head - those keep him from being able to cast.

    His only deaths in the recent year came from the DR Arena where claid wielding boss creatures trigger that crit threshold and a minor 109 or so endroll turns into a crit kill or puts him down, stunned and the next hit kills him. His nearly 15% redux and his scale armor with 5 CER crit padding and 4 CER damage padding isn't going to save him from a claid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idalias View Post
    I'm planning to start a mana-infused project armor this duskruin and trying to decide between fulls or doubles. This is going to take a long time and will cost way too much money, so I want to make the right decision. I know, I know, it's a matter of preference... but really, what's the better move for a post-cap wiz that blasts everything with 903/950? Although I've been in fulls for the last several years, my gut is to go for doubles, with the assumption that I'll want more protection in the new ascension hunting grounds. I also think there's a chance I could eventually train in an ascension skill that reduces armor spell hindrance.

    But I'm really torn here... any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.
    When rapid fire is running you still get 1s RT even with hindrance, if that helps.
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    Learned a lot from these responses and there are many clever ideas here - thanks everyone. I’m going with doubles.

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