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Thread: Doubles vs. fulls for post-cap wizard

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    Default Doubles vs. fulls for post-cap wizard

    I'm planning to start a mana-infused project armor this duskruin and trying to decide between fulls or doubles. This is going to take a long time and will cost way too much money, so I want to make the right decision. I know, I know, it's a matter of preference... but really, what's the better move for a post-cap wiz that blasts everything with 903/950? Although I've been in fulls for the last several years, my gut is to go for doubles, with the assumption that I'll want more protection in the new ascension hunting grounds. I also think there's a chance I could eventually train in an ascension skill that reduces armor spell hindrance.

    But I'm really torn here... any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.

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    the new Elven Armor at full tier unlock reduces spell hinderance by 1% in that armor - not sure what kind of coin you are throwing around but thta may be worth it. It is is easier to enchant/ensorcell as its T1 ability.
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    Maybe not the most helpful response, but if you went fulls, at worst, you can just add enhancive armor accessories to give you the coverage of doubles, plus you get the benefits of the accessories.

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    Studded leathers, armored casting and fluidity looks pretty good.
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    robes + 1202 + 15 trans lore = AsG 8 with 0% hinderence

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    im in the doubles camp. you will get knocked down, dispelled and hit. doubles can take a hit and give you enough scramble time to live

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    Several interesting ideas here. robes + 1202 + transformation lore is very intriguing, but probably not a route I'd go unless I had some way of self-casting 1202 on a somewhat reliable basis. Fulls + armor accessories works well. I tend to forget that you can use accessories to increase the ASG coverage of what you're wearing.

    I'm planning to put the mana-infused armor script on this, so using Elven Armor won't work.

    My understanding is that you can't use both armored casting + armored fluidity at the same time. Studded leathers are 9% base hindrance, which I think is going to be too painful to stomach.

    Still leaning a bit towards doubles, I think, vs. fulls + accessories.
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    I was double for 25m exp. It is my preference sans the previous robe/1202 option

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red View Post
    robes + 1202 + 15 trans lore = AsG 8 with 0% hinderence
    I think this is mostly true, except you still have the CvA of robes. But I believe you have all the other benefits of double leather with the spell hindrance and AP of robes.

    IMO the big disadvantage to this approach is that 1202 can be dispelled, putting you back in robes at inopportune times. Or outright not allowed (as a non-native spell) in future hunting areas. But depending on what/where you hunt, this approach can be very effective. Far post cap, you could even get into brig/torso chain equivalent with 105/140 transformation lore.

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    may I recommend a sigil staff:

    You focus on your fireleaf staff and notice brightly burning sigils corresponding to these spells:
    (1202) Iron Skin

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