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Thread: Liquidation - Containers, Weapons, Armor, Fluffs, Simucoin stuff, etc. - 100k MB

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    Default Liquidation - Containers, Weapons, Armor, Fluffs, Simucoin stuff, etc. - 100k MB

    MB on everything is 100k with 50k minimum increments. Happy bidding.

    Pickups in WL only. Easiest way to reach me is Discord @ Blazar#7986.

    LAST UPDATE MADE @ 02-19-2021 7:48 PM CST

    NumberItem NameItem TypeWornEnchantCrit Weighting/PaddingWeighsHoldsNotesBidderBidCall
    8soft ramie silk robesArmor - Robes         
    12 elongated brushed leather cloak woven with faint dark bronzed threadingContainerOver Shoulders  7100    
    13 gold-threaded leather wand harnessContainerShoulder  220    
    17blackened leather harnessContainerOver Front  235    
    24bright cobalt leather bag with thick wool tasselsContainerBelt  220    
    25cerulean spidersilk greatcloakContainerOver Shoulders  6110    
    26charcoal suede handwrapsContainerHands   < 12, (2 items)    
    32fur-mantled snow white leather greatcloakContainerOver Shoulders  780    
    33gold-edged dark blue backpack Container   999    
    35knotted white mesh pouchContainerBelt  220    
    37pair of ebony bootsContainerFeet  22, (2 items)    
    38pair of thin scarlet leather glovesContainer   < 12, (2 items)    
    39pale green silk pouch tied with braided leather drawstringsContainerBelt  < 110 (Any # of items, 1 pound per item)    
    40polished black leather packContainerBack  9100    
    41rich indigo blue silk roquelaureContainerOver Shoulders  8120    
    42rolton-stitched deep brown knapsackContainerShoulder  440    
    43royal blue satin backpackContainerBack  9100    
    45scarlet cambric cloakContainerOver Shoulders  14120    
    49soft dove grey leather trousers ContainerLegs  < 12, (2 items)    
    51weathered arctic puma cloak trimmed with caribou hideContainerOver Shoulders  995    
    65etched vultite shieldShield 25 6 Medium   
    69a potent blue-green potionSimuCoin Items         
    82superior haon-hilted ora daggerWeapon - Dagger 10       
    52weathered raven-black longcoat lined with soot-stained leatherContainerOver Shoulders  6140Doesn't close2Wizzy200kSOLD
    15battered ebon leather pack with a small wolverine shaped clasp fashioned of black oraContainerBack  6200 2Wizzy3.5mSOLD
    71a rat-shaped vial (4)SimuCoin Items      2Wizzy100kSOLD
    75an Elanthian Guilds voucher pack (4) Each has 100 usesSimuCoin Items      2Wizzy700kSOLD
    23bloodstained leather survival kitContainerBelt    Auto Herb Bundler2Wizzy800kSOLD
    77ebony-winged snarling toy dragonToy      alaricthebabyshark500kSOLD
    50voluminous black stalking cloakContainerOver Shoulders  8100 alaricthebabyshark100kSOLD
    78quartz-inlaid gold baby dragonToy      alaricthebabyshark1.1mSOLD
    20bloodstained leather survival kitContainerBelt    Auto Herb BundlerBhawk900kSOLD
    6embossed full leatherArmor - Full LeatherChest301 CER / 10 services   bibo900kSOLD
    64carved griffin claw staffRunestaffHeld20 4 Vacuum Flares, T3 Globus Elanthiusbibo3.5mSOLD
    86perfect maoral-hafted mithril handaxeWeapon - Handaxe 291 CER / 10 services   bibo2.1mSOLD
    7tooled full leatherArmor - Full LeatherChest331 CER / 10 services   bibo1.6mSOLD
    87perfect maoral-hafted mithril maulWeapon - Maul 15 7  bibo1.2mSOLD
    10 matte black kelyn sword symbolChrism HolderPinworn     Diablic150kSOLD
    11 carmine and jet spidersilk bagContainerBelt  320Spider bag, 1 gold and black spider with bright viridian eyesDiablic750kSOLD
    47silver crushed velvet robe lined in ice blue silkContainer   7120 Diablic125kSOLD
    76dimly luminescent tombstoneSpell Prep     Custom prep for Raise Dead, where the caster touches the deceased and leaves a dim luminescence along the deceased's skin.Diablic50kSOLD
    54 long-tailed black panther cuff set with blue crystal fangsCrystal HolderWrist    Has a charged blue crystal in itEddge100kSOLD
    55enruned blue vaalin scarab amuletCrystal HolderNeck     Eddge100kSOLD
    80leather handwrapsUAC - HandsHands251 CER / 10 services   Eddge200kSOLD
    27cobalt blue silk drawstring gempouchContainerBelt  330 Geertt2100kSOLD
    46sigil-embroidered midnight black satchelContainerShoulder  240 (Any # of items, 5 pounds per item) Geertt2100kSOLD
    63alum-traced electrum fangPiercing JewelryAny  1 FLIP to change locationGeertt2100kSOLD
    19bloodstained leather survival kitContainerBelt    Auto Herb Bundlergroverevorg900kSOLD
    83perfect maoral-hilted mithril falchionWeapon - Falchion 10 4  gs4pawn700kSOLD
    31finely tooled grey leather satchelContainerShoulder  440Discreet Containergs4pawn500kSOLD
    79 pair of rolaren-studded gauntletsUAC - HandsGloves25   Realm Flaresgs4pawn800kSOLD
    70a potent yellow-green potion (5)SimuCoin Items      Hedrik1.75mSOLD
    62small veniom-bound armoireOther     Lightest one from AGHedrik500kSOLD
    58pair of vaalin-runed black silk casting glovesGlovesHands     Wavedancer gloves. Scripted for attuned pures.HeyWhat?350kSOLD
    67a blue feather-shaped charm (73 uses)SimuCoin Items      HeyWhat?350kSOLD
    74an Adventurer's Guild task waiver (4) Each has 100 usesSimuCoin Items      Idalias1.25mSOLD
    48smoke grey haon case inlaid with ivory constellationsContainerBelt  220 Ketsimney100kSOLD
    44rugged matte black leather cloak edged with pale grey furContainerOver Shoulders  7140 Lady Lightning300kSOLD
    18bloodstained leather survival kitContainerBelt    Auto Herb BundlerLady Lightning750kSOLD
    85perfect maoral-hafted mithril handaxeWeapon - Handaxe 15 5  Lady Lightning1.5mSOLD
    1set of hooded black cotton robes with crimson silk-banded sleevesArmorChest255 CER / 50 services   LukeDuke1.3mSOLD
    2pearly white vultite armorArmor - Brig 25 20  malmuddy100kSOLD
    56supple black leather belt studded with polished brassDagger BeltAround waist  < 120Can hold up to 25 daggers weighing 2 pounds or lessMaze100kSOLD
    9 flat vaalin scroll symbol marked with five colored circlesChrism HolderPinworn     Maze350kSOLD
    66Pyrothag hide-covered shieldShield 25 6 MediumNichelas100kSOLD
    81murky black rolaren basilardWeapon - Dagger 25Yes, no clue how much   nichelas100kSOLD
    88perfect steel-shafted steel spearWeapon - Spear 15    nichelas500kSOLD
    89perfect steel-shafted steel spearWeapon - Spear 15 8  nichelas500kSOLD
    28dark smoke grey velvet roquelaureContainerOver Shoulders  8120 nichelas100kSOLD
    30finely tooled grey leather satchelContainerShoulder  440 nichelas300kSOLD
    21bloodstained leather survival kitContainerBelt    Auto Herb BundlerOogway850kSOLD
    22bloodstained leather survival kitContainerBelt    Auto Herb BundlerOogway850kSOLD
    60small veniom-bound armoireOther     Lightest one from AGPalcron500kSOLD
    59ivory shield symbol backed by a disk of blackened steelImbedPinworn  < 1 40 Charges of 1909Red100kSOLD
    84vultite skull-pommelled badelaireWeapon - Falchion 20 4 Poke to get stunnedRiven3.5mSOLD
    16black leather vest covered with numerous runesContainerOver Front  210 (5 items, 2 pounds per item)Actions for TOUCH and READShadow Slot100kSOLD
    3brigandine armor adorned with steel rivetsArmor - BrigandineChest201 CER / 10 Services  Voln 1/4SlvrNBlu1.8mSOLD
    4long satin robesArmor - ClothChest201 CER / 10 services   stickyfingers100kSOLD
    5old double leatherArmor - Double LatherChest251 CER / 10 services   stickyfingers250kSOLD
    90dark leather handwrapsWeapon - UCS 303 CER / 30 services  T2 EnsorcellTheRoseLady3.35mSOLD
    91dark leather moccasinsWeapon - UCS 253 CER / 30 services  T1 EnsorcellTheRoseLady3.35mSOLD
    57iridescent jade sea glass jar (50) & vivid blue sea glass jar (26)Gem Jar     50 countTheRoseLady5.5mSOLD
    29elven tracking bootsContainerFeetN/A 24 (2 items) Vorpodu400kSOLD
    36oiled light leather courier bag with polished faenor bucklesContainerShoulder  660 Vorpodu200kSOLD
    34indigo elesine sack embroidered with coils of shadowy eelsContainerBelt  < 140 Vorpodu2mSOLD
    68a glowing orb (25 REIM entries)SimuCoin Items     25 REIM entriesWhirlin (LNET)1.5mSOLD
    72a silvery blue potion (12)SimuCoin Items      Xanlin9mSOLD
    73a sun-etched gold ring (2)SimuCoin Items      Xanlin100kSOLD
    14aubergine bourde cloak lined with silver and gold silkContainerOver Shoulders  81002 mana recoveryzhagen150kSOLD
    61small veniom-bound armoireOther     Lightest one from AGzhagen600kSOLD
    Last edited by Blazar; 02-19-2021 at 08:48 PM.

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    mb 57, 60, 64, 79, 90, 91

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    MB on 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 15, 18-23, 29, 36, 61-62, 66, 83, 85-89
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    MB 67

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    MB 4, 14

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    MB 11,15,54,55,64 200k on 18,90,91

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    500k on each of the following: #68, 72, 74, 83, 85, 86, 90

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    Mb 59

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    200k on 60

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    mb on 34

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