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Nice non-sequitur. Guess you conceded the earlier point? No surprise there. And beeteedubs, you didn't make a "point," you made a straw man, which was pointed out, and you flailingly veered off in another direction.

Your mental gymnastics about why you conceded are meaningless, no matter how much you pretend you had some high, noble purpose for not being able to bother to defend your position. Better luck next time.

I see, like above, you couldn't engage with the matter of your hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness. Surprise: Zero.

If you do read posts, you don't absorb any of what's going on, since you've demonstrated your ignorance of subject matter and interpersonal reactions. So it's either you don't read, or you have the reading comprehension of a mentally impaired five year old. Which do you imagine reflects better on you?

So it was toxic from the beginning, and you just decided to jump in and make it worse -- without a shred of irony or self-awareness to your general whining about the supposed toxicity -- which has nothing to do with you and your dogpiling friends, right? A completely consistent position that doesn't, in any way, shape or form, exemplify your aforementioned hypocrisy. Kudos.

Nope. You and your dogpiling clique are the reason, as always. You just seem to think intellectual dishonesty somehow makes you look less retarded than owning your shitposting, as if your act is somehow convincing.

What do you imagine the last half-dozen of our interactions has accomplished? Nothing besides you demonstrating your own hypocrisy. You're very concerned about the state of the forum, and the "diarrhea being regurgitated," as you literally do that at every opportunity. Consult a mirror, and/or a psychiatrist.

You'd think after more than a decade of each of our interactions going the same way, with you freaking out over your circlejerk's groupthink being disturbed, that you'd eventually figure out that no amount of dogpiling will ever get you what you want. Keep at it, though!