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    [Town Square, Small Park - 288]
    A small, shady park fills an old vacant lot behind a row of buildings, the bustling sounds of the square filtering through the passage to the north to animate the area despite its appearance of peace and serenity. A weatherworn grey marble statue of a stocky human in pioneer's clothing overlooks the park, his stone hat encrusted by the gifts of decades of passing birds and his right hand half-upraised as if it once held some now-missing object. You also see a half-elven invoker garbed in colorful layered robes

    ask invoker about spells

    Shaking back the layered sleeves of her multicolored robes, the invoker releases upon you a flurry of abjurations...

    A light blue glow surrounds you.
    Nothing happens.
    Nothing happens.
    A deep blue glow surrounds you.
    A misty halo surrounds you.
    A silvery luminescence surrounds you.
    A bright luminescence surrounds you.
    A brilliant luminesence surrounds you.
    Glowing specks of light red energy begin to spin around you.
    You feel much stronger.
    You seem to blend into the surroundings better.
    The air about you shimmers slightly.
    You suddenly feel much more dextrous.
    Opening your mind's eye to the progression of time, a myriad of possible future events fills your consciousness.
    You feel your forehead pulse as your mind hardens to deter invading thoughts.
    A whirl of spiritual energy streaks down from above, creating a dully illuminated mantle around your form.

    4 hours on stackables 2 hours on others it seems, 103/202 were nothing happens on my cleric
    Found out on lnet, don't see any official posting on main page or forums yet unless I missed it
    The "nothing happens" usually means you already have the spell active, and with a longer duration than what having it recast by the player/NPC in question would give you.

    They should name the NPC Dreovan.
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