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Thread: Hypocrisy deserving its own thread

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    Default Hypocrisy deserving its own thread

    There is to much in the document to even address it all here, but somehow the far-left hivemind has found a way to promote racism trying to sound not racist. Some of the nuttiest highlights:

    "Avoid using statements like “Let’s keep this conversation professional” or “politics don’t belong at work” to try to shutdown conversation about what’s happening".

    "What’s more, individual racism is often buried deep, affecting people who have only the best of intentions, and the impact can
    compound harm to people inside and outside of work whether you realize it or not."

    "Change 1: Mindfully hand out high-value projects - Reconsider who is capable of doing important jobs, and look outside of your
    small team of champions. Chances are good someone who is not on your usual list can excel at the job, says Joyce Norcini, former general counsel for Nokia Siemens Networks."

    **Love how racist this one is and the jackasses don't even realize it, so they just put it in there - they literally say "look outside of your small team of champions" - implying their champions are white - these fucking morons**


    Now to the real content:

    "Equality is a noble goal. Equal treatment and access to opportunities help each of us perform our best within a shared set of parameters. But we really need to be striving for equity, where we focus on the equality of the outcome, not the equality of the
    experience by taking individual needs and skills into account".

    Get that? Hint: Guess what political ideology historically uses that as a selling point?


    In the other article take a look at the "Self-Assessment - How Privileged Are You?" - it's a doozy - with such introspective questions such as:

    "I am white" - because yea...

    "I have traveled internationally" - apparently black people don't know how to travel?

    "My parents are heterosexual" - get that?

    "I have never attempted suicide" - that's privilege right there!

    "I went to summer camp" - only white people go?

    The list goes on.


    Best part for last!!!

    “Disney has launched racially-segregated ‘affinity groups’ for minority employees, with the goal of achieving ‘culturally authentic insights."

    The Latino group: Hola
    The Asian group: Compass
    The black group: Wakanda

    But it's for their safety to keep them segregated!

    Imagine being a supervisor at Disney World and actually telling your employees: "Okay I need all blacks to head to room 230, Hispanics room 150, and Asians I'll need you to go to room 310. Whites we're going to have you all stay here."

    Jesus Christ... some people need to get slapped up side their heads.


    The sheer idiocy going on right now is just to much, and shit like this - actual racism, tokenism, passive bigotry by far left batshit crazy ideologues (who don't realize how fucking racist they actually are and lack any self-awareness) displays the abject stupidity being pushed upon people.

    The standard jackasses will come in here and try to say some bullshit about how "woke" they are, how they "care", and how POC "need our help" while supporting segregating and infantilizing other human beings. Fucking pathetic.

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    The AMA - deciding whether or not you get treatment, based on your skin color. This is going to go really, really well.

    How about this, if you're a Doctor - you treat ALL people as they come IN. Race has jack and shit to do if someone shows up in an emergency room.

    I like how they leave out the disproportionate abortion of black children compared to other races; the location of planned parenthood offices by density; etc.

    How the fuck they're pulling off this backdoor Nazism, with colorful language, is truly astounding to watch.

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    Fun addon for Planned Parenthood - pay close attention, because for years if this was brought up - the Left would yell "Nooo it's not!".. fucking dumbasses.

    "Educating ourselves and our supporters about Margaret Sanger’s connection to the eugenics movement and Planned Parenthood’s history of de-valuing the lived experience of Black women and femmes" - Wow, so they were created for eugenics purposes... for years the Left cried out - "No they're not!" - How many black babies have they killed in the interim?

    "Using a race equity lens when locating centers and services" - Meaning... we're going to put more Abortion clinics in your neighborhoods... it's just a really nice way of saying it.

    Then of course a bunch of bullshit CRT nonsense. Good thing to know Doctors should see color, instead of a patient.

    If Doctor's change their service based on color, then they should not be Doctors. They should see all people as just patients and apply the proper medical services necessary. That's how you stamp out racism.

    Edit: They are literally trying to convince people that they are helping black communities, by ensuring they will provide more abortion services to those communities. That's some PhD level reverse psychology at work. And the racist Leftists support nonsense like this.
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    Some more fun facts for the inevitable racist pieces of shit that will try to argue what I highlighted:

    This is just in Texas - look at the abortion rate by race. Now the interesting part....

    "Between 2012 and 2015, the abortion rate progressively decreased as distance to the nearest clinic increased from 1–24 miles to 50–99 miles (17% reduction at 1–24 miles increased distance, 19% reduction at 25–49 miles, 34% reduction at 50–99 miles). Among those living in counties where distance to the nearest clinic increased by 100+ miles, the abortion rate decreased 24%."

    That's just one State... now imagine the new Planned Parenthood policy to put more abortion clinics near communities of color... in order to "help" them.

    This is chess, not checkers.
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