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Thread: Lots of good enhancives! OHE/STR/Spell Aiming/Brawling

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    Default Lots of good enhancives! OHE/STR/Spell Aiming/Brawling

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    NumberDescriptionLocationEnh 1Persists?MBBidderCurrent BidCall
    1etched vultite greathelmHead6 OHE bonusYes2mGeijon2.5mSOLD
    2glyph-etched mithril earring Ear7 OHE bonusNo3m   
    3cushion-cut alexandrite torc Neck7 OHE bonusNo3m   
    4carved red sunstone clasp Pin4 DODG bonusYes250kNordred250kSOLD
    5rune-etched pink topaz bracelet Wrist4 OHE bonusNo500kRalk500kSOLD
    6partial alligator jaw talisman Wrist2 STR bonusYes500kNordred500kSOLD
    7ornate vaalorn arm greavesArms5 STR Base, 4 Max HealthYes1mGeijon1mSOLD
    8a fine silver torcNeck7 Shield Use Bonus, 4 OHE Bonus, 1 CM BonusNo750kNordred750kSOLD
    9a beveled bloodjewel pinPin4 Shield Use BonusYes250kstraightjackin250kSOLD
    10cushion-cut star sapphire barrettePin2 STR BonusNo500kShrink2000500kSOLD
    11green spinel inset pewter pinPin2 STR Bonus, 1 AUR BonusNo500kShrink2000500kSOLD
    12glittering imflass stickpinPin4 OHE Bonus, 1 HP BonusNo250kRalk250kSOLD
    13petal-cut blue dreamstone bandFinger4 OHE BonusYes250kRalk300kSOLD
    14bronze and star sapphire bandFinger4 STR Bonus, 2 LOG Bonus, 2 SMC Bonus, 4 SL:REL BonusNo500klexbubba2mSOLD
    15Pearl inset ora headbandHead5 SA Bonus, 2 Armor BonusNo1m   
    16scratched vultite arm greavesArms11 SA BonusYes10mdcdc8340mSOLD
    17turquoise inset copper pinPinworn5 SA BonusNo2mMacillus2mSOLD
    18jade and fire opal earcuffEar5 SA BonusNo1mMacillus1mSOLD
    19rune-etched gold necklaceNeck3 SA BonusYes500k   
    20ivory-inlaid gold talismanNeck4 SA BonusYes500kIdalias500kSOLD
    21bloodstone inset copper braceletWrist5 SA BonusNo1mMacillus1mSOLD
    22beryl-inset platinum barrettePinworn2 SA BonusNo500k   
    23petal-cut red dreamstone broochPinworn3 BRA Bonus, 1 CM BonusYes2mGeijon2mSOLD
    24delicate platinum necklaceNeck3 BRA BonusYes1m   
    25polished smoky topaz pendantNeck3 BRA BonusYes1m   
    26bloodjewel inset platinum pinPinworn3 BRA BonusNo1.5m   
    27a glittering pink topaz earringEar8 BRA Bonus, 6 AS Bonus, 2 Health Rec., 3 FA BonusNo5m   
    28a golden beryl inset mithril bucklePinworn6 BRA Bonus, 3 OHB Bonus, 3 Surv. BonusYes5mKutter5mSOLD
    29brushed steel vambraces set with dark storm agateArms6 BRA Bonus, 4 STR Bonus - Requires 50 Brawling ranks to useYes7m   
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    mb on spell aim arm greaves
    Ruol in game or Seibe#6467 on discord

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    Going to add numbers to this.

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    Mb on 17,18,21

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    MB on 14

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    MB on #20

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    10m on 16 please
    Discord = Teror#3966

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    750k on 14.

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    MB on 10 & 11

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