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Thread: Need Your Unused Or Brand New Alterations: Win 10 million silvers

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    Default Need Your Unused Or Brand New Alterations: Win 10 million silvers

    So here's the deal- I am just horrible at designing alterations, and so I generally just don't bother. As a result, I'm sitting on a small mountain of weapons I love but which are either entirely plain or still have OTS descriptions. I have weapons I've owned for 5 years which are still unaltered, and it's ridiculous.

    So I'm going to list out my favorite weapons that fall into the totally plain/OTS description category, and I would be so forever grateful for either unused alteration ideas you're sitting on, or, for you more creative types- even brand new ones.

    If I get at least 7 alteration ideas that I decide to use, then one of the people who submitted them will win 10 million silvers. If I get a design submission I like for all of them, I'll give out two 10 million silver prizes. You'll get one "entry" for each submission of yours I take. So if you submit 7 that I take and no one else does, you get 10 million silver. If I get 17 designs that I go with, and you submitted 3, you have a ~3/17 chance of winning each of the 10 million silver prizes (I'm oversimplifying the math, I know). Note- there will be two unique winners for each 10m prize if I get to 17.

    Okay, here are the weapons I need alterations for along with some info on key properties to help you with themes. (Note that the alteration doesn't need to ultimately "match" the properties, but use them if it helps)

    1) Submit ideas for specific weapons below or just general alteration ideas you love.

    2) Base description (with or without a long) at minimum. SHOWs greatly appreciated. Names for the weapon even better still (but only if there's a show)

    3) It's okay to change the base noun of the weapon. i.e. a mace doesn't have to stay a mace- it could be a dhara or warmace or whatever. For the most part I don't have strong preferences there.

    1) golvern holy water sprinkler: Undead killing weapon. (permablessed and bubble flares)

    2) An adamantine morning star: Adamantine (duh) but also greater void flares if that helps at all

    3) glaes-hafted shimmering ora warmace: Air flares & health vial flares

    4) a gleaming white ora spikestar: Iasha (Vishra follows Ivas, if that helps)

    5) a steel-linked ora morning star: Coraesine relic. Dispel. Enhancive (largely that makes you stronger)

    6) a low steel morning star: Low Steel (duh), Blink

    7) a tarnished vultite morning star: Sprite weapon

    8) an ora-chained silvery vultite spikestar with a suede-wrapped haft: Solar Weapon- which means it's dedicated to Phoen and is "daytime" aligned

    9) an ora-chained silvery vultite spikestar with a suede-wrapped haft: Nebular Weapon- which means it's dedicated to Ronan and is "night time" aligned

    10) a high steel morning star: High Steel (duh). Greater lightning.

    11) an ivory-hafted morning star: A Kai weapon. Which means it's dedicated to Kai (obv)

    12) rune-inscribed crimson vultite spikestar: Twin weapon. Flares plasma if that helps? (Should match 13)

    13) a gilded vultite mace with an ironwood haft: Twin weapon. Flares plasma if that helps? (Should match 12)

    14) a white alloy war hammer Just white alloy. Nothing special But it's naturally good for hunting non-corporeal undead

    15) an oak-hafted rolaren spikestar tipped with connical spikes: Animalistic spirit weapon. I hate those damn connical spikes. Gag.

    16) a golden mace with a leather-wrapped haft: Energy weapon. Plasma if that helps?

    17) a twisted xazkruvrixis spikestar: Just death flares. Nothing else.

    Thank you so much in advance. This has been bothering me for ages, and I would just love to finally get it all sorted out with the help of you wonderful wordsmiths who are so much better at this than I'll ever be!
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