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Thread: Ensorcelling Available - Cap, Post-Cap, and Mutant

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    Cool Ensorcelling Available - Cap, Post-Cap, and Mutant

    My sorcerers are currently available to infuzzle your stuffs with necrosauce. I have experience ensorcelling the most difficult possible projects. Willing to take on multi-week jobs, and will do discount for T0-T5. Inky black potion included free for enhancive/sanctified items.


    T0 TO T11.02.3m2.8m3.3m
    T1 TO T21.53.45m4.2m4.95m
    T2 TO T32.04.6m5.6m6.6m
    T3 TO T42.55.75m7m8.25m
    T4 TO T53.06.9m8.4m9.9m
    BONUS 575650785
    *Mutant booked through 1st week of December.

    Please DM me here, or find me as "Macillus" on Discord.


    "I can't get enough of Macillus's juice!" -Zaoloo's Mom
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