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Thread: a zelnorn greatshield 4x (+10 AS/+10 DS)

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    Default a zelnorn greatshield 4x (+10 AS/+10 DS)

    a zelnorn greatshield
    tower shield. Fresh off the shelf. Can be cheaply enchanted with premium points.
    +20, provides +10 AS and +10 DS

    Costs 50k BS to make at DR.

    Accepting cash at $5/mil and seashells at 550 per.
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    Price lowered.

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    I'll take it.
    No, I am not Drauz in game.

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    Great price

    If for some reason this doesn't work out let me know, I'll take it

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    Thanks all for the interest. I've had several messages inquiring about the shield, since it sounds like zelnorn may soon become player enchantable. Taking that into account, I'll be holding onto it for the time being.

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    no offers
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    342983048902348 offers

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