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Thread: a set of green glaes talons

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    Arrow a set of green glaes talons

    a set of green glaes talons
    20x/day witchhunter talons - guaranteed lightning flare on next weapon strike, plus AS boost equal to 40% of target's magical DS boost.

    When pointed at a living victim, they sense the target's magical barriers and siphon off a portion of the warding magic's energies and convert it to increase the effectiveness of the talon-wearer's next physical attack on the target. If the target is still alive after the attack, the violent realigning of their own warding energies results in a lightning flare of variable strength upon the target, but generally it is less violent on non-magic users, and more violent on those more reliant upon magical energies. The talons are invocable 20 times per day, however use against a critter uses one charge and use against an adventurer or more heroic type person uses five charges. These are less powerful than the red and yellow sets.

    You analyze your green glaes talons and sense that the item cannot be altered in any way.

    The creator has also provided the following information:
    ** -- This item CANNOT be altered at all. -- **

    A set of green glaes talons are a wearable functional item and are activated with POINT TALONS AT [TARGET].
    Invocable 20 times per day, use against a critter costs 1 charge and use against a player costs 5.

    HUG TALONS - Provides a list of just your talons current charges in cooldown and nothing more.
    PINCH TALONS - "Discards" any siphoned energies you currently have gathered. The charge(s) is/are still spent.

    The talons have 0 charges currently in cooldown.

    You get no sense of whether or not the talons may be further lightened.

    SOLD on buyout.

    Will go once, twice, SOLD. Generous buyouts/trades considered.
    Accepting cash at $5/m and seashells at 550 per.
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    Ruol in game or Seibe#6467 on discord

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    Going once.

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    I guess 110 mil.

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    Going once to Nordred!

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    SOLD on buyout. Thanks to everyone who bid.

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    I have the yellow set if any of the interested parties wants to PM and work something out
    Ruol in game or Seibe#6467 on discord

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