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Thread: Locker clean out! I will update

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    Default Locker clean out! Updated some

    [FONT=Calibri]gear-laden leather buffcoat, +20, full leathers, steam flares. 1.2m
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    I'll take this:

    - Stylized golden griffin pin RUB to hide TOUCH to detect empty, look WAVE AT to detect treasure as an enhancive item. Hide those ugly enhancers. 800k
    Find me in game as Alastir
    Or on Discord as: Alastir#9661

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    If trollmask is a feature concealer I’ll take it
    standing between the living and the dead

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    I'll take 4x Red-stained polished rowan runestaff

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    I'd take that Wisdom pendant for 250k.


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    Groshk set of rich fel black leathers with silk-lined dorsal wing slits 4x Double leather - 80k Aelotoi only Bidding 80k

    Engraved pewter necklace rechargeable average mana, +4 dodging persists - Can embed 650k

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    I"ll take this too please An etched pewter brooch +1 to Dodging Ranks. 300k .will persist

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