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Thread: "Ripper" - 6x 20pt MCW/5pt SWDW, bubble/grapple flaring dagger

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    Cool "Ripper" - 6x 20pt MCW/5pt SWDW, bubble/grapple flaring dagger

    a barbed veil iron tanto
    Look description: Forged from pure veil iron, the natural deep blue flecks of the metal give the surface of the tanto's blade an appearance reminiscent of an eerily darkened night sky. A deep blood groove runs down the center of the tanto's veil iron blade, leading to its razor-sharp point. Clusters of curved barbs trace the edge of the blade, each pointing backwards towards the hilt, lending the weapon a decidedly wicked appearance. Etched into the blood groove in tiny silver script is the word, "Ripper." You also notice a small enchanter's glyph. (2009 Ebon Gate auction item)

    $400 | 105m | 140k BS SOLD
    Find me as "Macillus" on the GS4 discord server, or DM me here.
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