I have been having an issue for a while now where 1 of my characters cannot ever connect to Lich. Every attempt fails and it tries another method and it cycles through the whole thing, 0 to 6 or whatever and never connects. Occasionally on another character it'll fail once and try another method and then its good but on this one character it just never connects. But on this one it always gives ones of those messages, method 0 failed, will try next one, etc, and cycles all the way through.

Also very rarely it will open up file manager like its looking for something but it goes to some strange place where nothing related to lich seems to be, thought I'd mention that.

I only use this char for spells and to look through lockers (since I can't run invdb on it) so I haven't tried completely reinstalling. I'm trying to see if I can do anything else first because I had a very tough time on this machine with the original install and for the little use this character gets I don't want to lock myself out over it.