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Thread: Can't get Simu Launcher to work OR website login for stormfront with ruby 2.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by heguo View Post
    No change in behavior unfortunately. There were many options for compatibility from Windows 95 to Windows 8 as well as a compatibility checker. I tried them all without success.
    I'm in the same boat :/

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    I found another thread where someone tried to install sqlite3 manually. I tried those instructions and got the following output:

    ruby 2.0.0p648 (2015-12-16) [i386-mingw32]

    C:\Windows\System32>c:\ruby200\bin\gem.bat install sqlite3 --source --no-ri --no-rdoc
    Fetching: sqlite3-1.4.2.gem (100%)
    ERROR: Error installing sqlite3:
    The 'sqlite3' native gem requires installed build tools.

    Please update your PATH to include build tools or download the DevKit
    from '' and follow the instructions
    at ''

    I tried following those instructions to find the right devkit but none seem to match this version.

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    Finally got mine working. Turned off UAC, deleted everything I had, and installed everything to the C: drive, even though I normally keep NOTHING on C besides Windows. Fixed the problem entirely.

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    I left everything in default directories, which were all C: but still nothing. Did you have any files from previous attempts sitting around somewhere that you missed previously? And you're just using the launcher that installs Ruby 2.5.5 right?

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