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    My sorc is just about to catch up to my ranger and I'm wondering what is the best way to hunt them together? Seems a lot of people are doing it but I've never really found out how.

    Any advice would be useful.

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    I think ;bigshot has a multi account hunting option but I haven't used ;bigshot in years so I'm not sure.

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    Bigshot does allow for head/tail, and it works pretty well. If you don't want to go the automated script route, it's really all about macros and having 2 monitors or splitting the screen so you can see both at the same time.

    With good macros, it's not hard to flip between 2 characters dealing with situations at a click of a button and a quick keyboard combo. You have one for casting each of your spells, that will stance as needed for the spell. Remember you can string together more than one command line in a macro. This is the only way to really be the one in control as opposed to a script.

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    Head/Tail option.... don't see it.

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    When you download Bigshot, setup your attack routines for both characters. Make sure characters are grouped together. Start it on your alternate character by typing ;bigshot tail, then on the group leader, start it by typing ;bigshot head. The head will then do an OOC whisper to the group, and any tails in the group will then join the bigshot instance.

    More info can be found here on setting up Bigshot:

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    O use ;borg paired with ;drone and ;queen. Set up some macros to do the setup/hunt/cleanup attacks and voila. No bigshot needed. Full manual multi hunting

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    I used to use a script called crosscharcom that executed scripts on a client character. I have no idea if it's still around. It's been a while for me though.

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    It is zelas but I was having problems with it and now switched over to the one I mentioned above

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