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Thread: Sloot and TWC/Twin weapon Script

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    Default Sloot and TWC/Twin weapon Script

    I'm trying to get sloot to work with my hand crossbows. the crossbows have the grip verb to combine both the hand crossbows into one weapon, I would like sloot to use the grip verb then loot, then use grip again to separate the weapons again. It's a tad more complicated because the weapons automatically split when your attacked and they are combined, so it would need to make sure whether to use the grip verb again or not if they are already split apart from an incoming attack.

    Is something like this possible with sloot instead of simply storing the left hand.

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    I spent about 30 minutes trying to get this to work and gave up. I just have sloot stow left now.

    There are a few problems - one of which is that sloot doesn't have any way to configure a custom stow/retrieve command. To solve that, you can hard-code something in sloot to use the grip verb, but lich doesn't seem to quite understand what's happened and the left_hand state seems to be incorrect for a short period of time.

    Anyway, it may be possible but those are the challenges I faced.
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