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Thread: Lexbubba's Luscious Trades (updated regularly)

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    Default Lexbubba's Luscious Trades (updated regularly)

    Consolidated trades list that I update regularly (not 100% comprehensive, other really great stuff in my shops as well - check the links below). Willing entertain offers to purchase with any currency or trades for other interesting items (See my want list here).

    Most of these items can be found for silvers in my player shops here or here, so feel free to purchase them directly from there. Otherwise, please contact me here via PM, on discord, or on LNET (all as Lexbubba) with questions, trades, or offers.

    Containers and other items:
    1. Branding iron: Stops bleeding on yourself or others -- 75m
    2. Old profession-specific cloaks (no longer allowed in alters)
      ghostly-grey sorcerer's cloak w/ Ghule scripts added - 15m
      tattered and torn warrior's cloak - 9m
      tattered and torn warrior's cloak w/ fully unlocked Ghule scripts added - 15m
      rune-trimmed wizard's cloak - 9m
    3. Fully unlocked scroll codex - 12m
    4. Alter box for boots and belts - 35m
    5. T4 small statue baldric - 15m
    6. Golvern OR Krodera moonshard pendant w/ 15 bloodrunes (plus almost any of the non-legendary ones you want) - 79m
      Legendary moonshard pendant bloodrune: Minotaur - 55m
      Legendary moonshard pendant bloodrune: Troll King - 55m
      Legendary moonshard pendant bloodrune: War Griffin - 55m
    7. fully unlocked folding chair - 35m
    8. fully unlocked T6 fishie - 35m
    9. 3 completed DM dolls including grey cores included (weathered forester, drunken preache, or disgruntled nurse) - 25m each
    10. DR sewer rat pets. Have bristly sewer rat, flea-ridden brown rat, greasy Maelstrom Bay rat. - 2m each
    11. WerePuppy - a broad-shouldered tricolor puppy with notched floppy ears turns into zombie puppy and custom zombie - 350m

    1. NEW Full plate: 6x HDP platemail - 35m
    2. NEW Greataxe: 6x greater elemental fire flaring - 40m
    3. Lance: +22 Shadowdeath Lance - 79m
    4. THW: 8x beheading sword - 35m
    5. Maul: 10x (+50) T5 HCW low steel maul with mind wrack flares and lesser moods. Perm unlocked loresong as well (must be level 100 to hold) - 449m
    6. Maul: 6x High Steel Maul w/ Extranaplanar Bane and void/vacuum flares (must be level 90 to hold) - 119m
    7. Handaxe: +32 greater steam flaring - 35m
    8. Short Sword: 6x plasma flaring w/ lesser moods and enhancives (+5 S&H bonus, +5 Ambush bonus, +5 Perception bonus, +5 DEX base). Enhancives cannot be used by Wizard Cleric Empath Sorcerer Bard Savant Monk Paladin - 49m
    9. Lance: 6x HCW, LDW T2 ensorcell - 32m
    10. Bow: 5x heavily sighted sephwir composite bow w/ +9 DEX base, +4 S&H ranks, +1 ambush ranks - 18m

    Thanks for perusing!


    1. Brig: 6x HCW
    2. UAC Gloves: 6x HCW
    3. large locker expansion contract
    4. 6x 4x TD robes
    5. Perm disintegration flaring razor
    6. Night shroud cloak
    7. Athame - 6x CW dagger
    8. Coat-of-plates 5x CP doubles
    9. Fully unlocked forest armor brig w/ CP
    10. 3x/day Phoen's Strength (606) pinworn
    11. 5 setting permanent gold ring teleporter with scrying ability (blackened urglaes finger-armor)
    12. Enhancive elven cloak
    13. +100 large locker expansion
    14. fully unlocked artists easel
    15. forehead gem
    16. fully unlocked gnomish locksmith vambrace
    17. master quality familiar instrument
    18. Shoulder worn coin bag that holds 100k silvers weightlessly and 100lbs of other stuff of small size at the same time. This is a fully unlocked gambling kit
    19. 100k weightless coin bag (beltworn)
    20. Brass bugle
    21. Fully unlocked ClimateWear vest w/ feature concealing hood. Front worn, holds 60lbs with 20% weight reduction.
    22. 3 room FWI player shop
    23. Black silk hat (Magician's Hat) - The hat can be used once every 24 hours and you will randomly PULL out a "prize"!
    24. Fully unlocked Grand Auction hair braiding tool
    25. Maul: +42 SWCW (8 CER) T5 low steel w/ psychic flares and perm unlock loresong and lesser moods
    26. Lance: +33 geater void/vacuum flaring
    27. 100lb (beyond epic deep) fully unlocked pelt bundler beltworn
    28. Fully unlocked T4 RainboWear pants - pair of blue silk pants draped with thin silver chains
    29. Maul: 8x HCW T5 w/ super super bubble flares (+43 incredibly damage padded) and perm unlocked loresong
    30. 8x perfect blink flail with T5 ensorcell and 5 CER crit weighting
    31. Permanent 12 setting gold ring with scrying ability
    32. 370k bloodscrip
    33. fully unlocked artist's easel w/ unlimited canvas - 79m
    34. NEW Falchion: 8x falcata
    35. UAC Boots:6x HCW T4 ensorcell - 35m
    36. 25k weightless coin bag
    37. UAC Boots: 6x disintegration flaring UAC boots with lesser moods - 18m
    38. fully unlocked T6 fishie - 35m
    39. NEW Katar: 7x ghezyte Katar with intimidation flares and impact flares - 55m
    40. Brig: 9x antique elven armor - 59m
    41. Lance: Auction quality - 19m or 9m for lesser unlocked one
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    removed night shroud cloak and added forehead gem

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    Updated with a number of new items (marked as NEW) found in locker cleanouts and DM. Also removed some sold items.
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    a number of items sold. still lots of great stuff left!

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    Sold a few more things. Still lots out there looking for a good home

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    bump. Some things found forever homes!

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    some items sold. Newly added player shop, profession cloaks, Grand Auction hair braiding tool, fully unlocked scroll codex

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