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Thread: Things for your bidding pleasure.

  1. Default Things for your bidding pleasure.

    *Jade-inlaid silver earring - Mage Empowerable 1119 (strength of will)/9 charges, holds 102 max. MB 25k CB 25k to Zephyrii

    *Ivory and amethyst clasp - Mage Empowerable 1617 (zealot)/9 charges, holds 59 max. MB 25k CB 25k Brielus

    *Deathstone studded ora armband - Mage Empowerable 1750 (Fash'lo'nae's Gift)/6 charges, holds 37 max. (I believe its tapable to activate) MB 500k

    *Bone-inlaid gold earring - Mage Rechargable 202 (Spirit Shield)/19 charges, mage rechargable. MB 1k CB 1k Brielus
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    MB on silver earring, armband

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    MB on gold earing and clasp

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    750k armband
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