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Thread: gem-eating armor script

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    I don't disagree with you, I am however not overly optimistic in what we can expect other than having a functional script in the end.

    I would be immensely happy if Cat A opens up on it and it functions normally otherwise ... because neither of those things exists currently. Better = happy. In fact, if the magic resistant tag is not removed I'll definitely be posting negative feedback about it. There's simply no reason for that tag anymore, especially not with the Cat C restrictions.

    I would also be more happy if Cat C opens up completely, I just don't think it will. That being said, I did post feedback supporting what you said about Cat C. Maybe we'll get lucky.

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    OK fingers crossed. We will see if Wyrom was talking out of his ass when he said the armor was going to be "godly" soon.

    I don't really think they could handle doing the script to support using 3 gems at a time. They can barely get 1 working. But if they did, this is how they should do it:
    - t1 - OTS, socketed for 1 gem at a time
    - t2 - rare unlock, does 2 gems at a time
    - t3 - auction grade unlock, does 3 gems a time

    If they did the above, then they could get more use out of the script. As hard as they made it sound for someone to fix, its been years, they might as well get some revenue in the door for it.

    I think one basic balance point they probably never thought about is the difference between weapons and armor. For a gem-eater weapon, being able to put a gem in that gives bless is akin to a permabless weapon. Very valuable, not to mention being able to switch it to crit weighting against the living, or certain flares to guys that have flare vulnerability. Very practical with 1 gem at a time!

    Armor is completely different... you dont want 1 thing on armor, you want a few things because you have some many defenses that you need to shore up with armor. Thats why this armor will be unpractical if it stays incompatible with everything else and can only do 1 thing at a time
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    Yeah this armor is from 2016 which predates the Monty Hall jump in power we've seen in the intervening time.

    I still think it will have its uses even if Cat C doesn't open up, but I think it would be a specialist armor likely for squares with high redux where it would be better than damage padding in some places. Likely better on chain or possibly just plate. I might convert the torso chain to mbp or full plate with my warrior if the psm 3.0 changes come through and the free armor conversion happens (mbp to make it usable by a few more classes).

    I also had sorta the same idea regarding tiering, I think it would do well as a DR tiering script from what you described.

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