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Thread: Our legal immigration system sucks.

  1. Default Our legal immigration system sucks.

    For the last 8 months my fiancee and I have been working for a K1 visa. All of the paperwork was perfect, and made out by an immigration attorney. We're nearing the final stretch of this shit, which is to travel half a country away to the US Embassy and have separate interviews to prove that we're not trying to game the system. We could've applied for a B2 back then and maybe gotten it faster, but that really IS gaming the system, because it's meant for vacationing and only good for 6 months at a time while the rest gets sorted, so we didn't do it. She also couldn't work during that time if we went that route.

    Some of these checks and balances I can understand. They're in place for a reason. Our attorney tells us though that this process is now twice or more as long as it was before the current administration. We are not in the worst situation possible for it. That would be immigration from the Philippines or Vietnam, which have huge fraud rates, but we are only one rung down the difficulty scale - a former soviet state currently embroiled in a Russian-instigated civil war. The process took 3 months or so start to finish before. Now it takes 8-10 or more.

    8 months, not done yet. If this was from a country that was part of the visa waiver program, she could have been here in the US a year ago, already married and just waiting for approval for the visa. Meanwhile, we're flitting bills to support her living in the part of the country not being actively shelled by mortars daily while we wait on the slow turning wheels of bureaucracy. This may sound brash, but my fiancee is not some peasant farmer from Kazakhstan with no useful skills. She is a university trained healthcare worker with a degree in a field the US is in dire need of right now. And this is still the fastest way to make it work just because her highly educated country was part of the 2nd world 30 years ago.

    Stop illegal immigration, sure, but fuckin' fix the legal part first. This has been the most nerve wracking, sleep deprived 8 months of my life, and I can't keep flying back and forth across the damn ocean much longer.
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    Click the link above to see how much you owe the government.

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    Clearly. Well, God I hope that's not a thing.

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    I agree, there should be a lot easier way to do it legally without granting amnesty and with kicking the illegals out.
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    I think 3, maybe 4 months is a fair time to wait between proper filing, payment, and interview. It takes time to get this kinda stuff processed, and I don't expect to be first in line. Once the interview is done, and I'll confirm this once it happens, theoretically it should only be another 2-10 days to get a visa issued.

    But 8+ months and counting? And this is now considered normal according to my attorney, where a couple years ago it wasn't? Something is wrong there.
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    Your attorney is unfortunately correct, and I agree it is extremely frustrating.

    USCIS is extremely backed up and these cases are not a priority for them at all.

    It will probably be years in processing time alone for your eventual wife to receive her 10 year GC.

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