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Thread: Permanent Gold Ring Tattoo

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    You remove a gold ring-shaped certificate from in your mink-hooded jacket.
    >read cert
    In the Common language, it reads:
    The bearer of this certificate is entitlted to receive one permanent gold ring tattoo. This will follow all gold ring range limitations. This is non-transferrable once applied. Present this certificate to a merchant for redemption, or you can ASSIST before the end of Ebon Gate 2019 to redeem it.

    Any clues on what this is worth?

    T6 prize

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    Auction it lets see
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    At least 10k.

    Definitely at least 10k.
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    Found in DSD I presume?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maerit View Post
    Found in DSD I presume?
    Yes it was.

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    I remember specifically that the first of two that sold at the 2016 silver auction went for 30 mil. I remember that because I didn't have enough to outbid. I would've been willing to go to about 40 if I'd had that much at that point. The second one went for less, but not much. I'd advise you to wait a month, maybe two for the silvers that were wiped out for EG to rebound then putting it up for auction as a high end item. And not only because I'm out of silvers and want to bid. But mostly because of that.
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    The last one that sold was at Wyromania for way too much. Search for 1-setting permanent gold ring sales. They were 100k BS for 5-setting gold ring at June 2018 DR HESS. This is non-transferable, so it would probably knock some value off the item, but boosted slighty by the fact that you don't have to manage a worn location. However, there's no resale after it's equipped. One and done.

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    20-30 unless people get loony
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    Does being in Voln and having Seek/Return diminish the value of a permanent gold ring a bit? I’ve got over 200 regular gold rings in storage, not sure if it’s worthwhile?

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