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Thread: The 925 Clusterfuck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donquix View Post
    You're welcome. Normally I post on a different account and the only reason I ever saw Krakii's bullshit was they weren't ignored on that account. Which they are now, so i had no clue if they were still whining in the thread or not. I only saw that "i corrected them in email" bullshit because Methais quoted it. Lol
    Krakii hasn't posted again yet, but Doug has since stepped in to pick up the slack for Krakii, though Doug is staying uncharacteristically reasonable for the most part, at least in this thread.

    Except for this gem, though it's pretty much irrelevant to the actual topic:

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug
    I do like the fact that 'activity' is required. I don't mind that the 'primary' activity selected is hunting. I do like the fact that all of the 100 plus active pocket-enchanting wizards (leading to 400-600 major projects annually, which could arguably be said to be game-breaking) are disadvantaged - not sure how I feel about 'totally removed'. But that is an entirely different topic.
    When asked if GS is currently broken...

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug
    Quote Originally Posted by Methais
    >>Is GS currently broken?
    Not sure. . . I would say it was - but the signal will be the increase in silver prices. AmIRite?!

    No, wait. . . let me try again. Not sure. . . I would say it is - but the signal will be converting Immolation to its former glory. AmIRite?!

    No, not quite it. . . let's see. Not sure. . . I would say it is - but Meteor Swarm will soon be great again! AmIRite?

    So many options to choose from, so little response space.
    Quote Originally Posted by Methais

    Here we go again. Let me try rephrasing the question since you seem to have forgotten what I was quoting when I asked it.

    >(leading to 400-600 major projects annually, which could arguably be said to be game-breaking) -Doug

    Have said 400-600 projects annually broken GS? If so, what did they break and how?
    Quote Originally Posted by Doug
    Oh, was SRS BZNS! Sorry, the hyperbole often thrown around gets confusing to me, but I chose to believe it was all in good fun. So FER SRS. . .

    Yeah, I would think that left unchecked it did / would. 400 to 600 major projects (or even half that, I would submit) is certainly not in the 'rare' happenstance bucket. Neither you nor I see the actual numbers, so this is only an inference. But in a game where there are about 500-1000-ish active player characters (you know, those that hunt), anything approaching 50% of that population isn't 'rare' at all from my perspective. Queue up all the relevant discussions about costs of items, baseline moving to 6x in game, effects of dumping large quantities of uber items, etc., etc. I can respect if you personally feel for you it is totally rare - you know, from a single mage's perspective. But game wide. . .

    Having said that. .


    Why you NO FUN bro?

    Apparently all these 7x and higher enchants existing are breaking the game or something. Which he's been saying for a while now, way before these enchant changes happened. I wanna say a while back he made the claim that if wizards could enchant to 10x without super rare potions, then everyone running around with 10x gear would become the norm.

    The officials are so bad that they're good.
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    I am a retard. I'm disabled. I'm poor. I'm black. I'm gay. I'm transgender. I'm a woman. I'm diagnosed with cancer. I'm a human being.
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    So here's the deal- I am just horrible

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