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Thread: a rotting flesh-covered token [rot flares]

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    Default a rotting flesh-covered token [rot flares]

    This flesh-covered token entitles the bearer to purchase flares for an eligible weapon or piece of armor.

    The bearer is still responsible for any associated costs.

    currencies accepted:
    bloodscrip (1.4k per), cash ($5 per), and silvers

    CB 148m Neimanz
    BO 500m

    ** please post all bids in silvers and we will convert to your currency of choice at the time of exchange **

    Auction will end by 8PM EST tomorrow evening so that the winner has enough time to do their work before EG closes, but the token will be good for next EG as well or potentially events in between according to Wyrom's post on the officials.


    Since sniping is the worst. If a bid occurs within the last 10 minutes of this auction by another bidder (Bidder B), the previous high bidder (Bidder A) will have 5 minutes from Auction close to respond with a 10% increase in bid, if the original high bidder (Bidder A) chooses to make this 10% increase, the auction will be closed to all but those 2 parties and extended for 5 more minutes and I will ask both Bidder A and B to PM me their final bids and the highest bid received via PM will walk away with the token.

    Outside of the sudden death bid, ALL BIDS MUST OCCUR IN THIS THREAD.

    I recommend bidding early.
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    100 mil

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    110 mil

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    sigh 120

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    Anyone have an estimate on how much it would cost to add this to a 6x/6x nerve staff? I'm interested but would like a ballpark figure on how much more I'll need to invest to actually use this on a nerve staff.

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    If you need to check something, go to Flares of Interest and "ask half about rotflares" He'll give you the estimate.
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    A blue-haired tall and burly half-krolvin says, "I can't really quote on an item that's already got some kind of special ability."

    That was with my 6x/6x nervestaff
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    Correct. This won't work if your weapon already has a script flare

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    Hm. Since rotflares technically can go on over another script, I wonder if an assist would get it fixed up for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BriarFox View Post
    Hm. Since rotflares technically can go on over another script, I wonder if an assist would get it fixed up for you.
    Haliste knows about the limitation. I would be surprised if an assist would change anything. As someone else stated, this is not a DR cert

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