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    GS Staff:

    Just add everything to the SIMUCOIN store that is offered at the festivals. The chain spam threads of BS sales, etc. is just depressing.

    Stop trying to hide behind any semblance of in game actions/activity is the measure of acquiring items or upgrades at this point. Sure in the past items, coins, and services being sold for real money was a thing, but since coming back the game market is 100% controlled by real money now, with the assistance of this ludicrous system that you've set up.

    At least in the past there was some slight separation, now it's just blatant. So...

    Stop pretending at this point that this is not a "pay to play" game and put every damn service you provide on the SIMUCOIN store and reap the benefits. It would take out the intermediary step of pretending that "in-game items or currency" are the real currency in the game and having to deal with other players to set costs. You already set the costs for the most part by what you charge for the "passes" to events, and then that's translated etc. It's a complete fabrication.

    So make the money yourselves. I would much prefer to pay the company directly and fund the personnel that work for you all and anything else those funds could be applied to (server upgrades, new event development, etc.).

    Just a recommendation, but at this stage of the games life it's just one big cash shop. Might as well make the money yourselves.

    Either way, going to continue my break until all this nonsense is over.

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    Funny watching the silver market drop out. Just put everything on the SIMUCOIN store already. The game economy is a pure facade these days. 50 people just passing real money back and forth between each other for anything they need in game. Sad to see this is what it's come to.

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    This especially true since with the right build, the arena is just a grind for BS, not especially challenging or difficult. If you have the money to buy admission tickets and the time to do it, there is literally no limit to how much BS you can generate with very little problem. I was running it with my mage because I had not looked at the prize list, after 25 tickets when I did look, I realized that there was nothing I especially wanted. Always thought a nerve staff would be nice but now they are gone and there does not seem any chance they will be back so called it quits and went back to hunting.

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