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Thread: Looking for gear

  1. Default Looking for gear

    I am looking for the following gear, if anyone happens to have anything lockered up or collecting dust.

    Crit Padded leather armor
    Crit Weighted OHEs
    Enchanted Claids
    5x or higher shields
    Containers with 150-200 lbs capacity

    Let me know if anyone has something from the list that they are willing to part with. Paying Prime silvers, cash, or willing to babysit your gear for you while waiting an eternity for your return to Shattered.
    Also might consider paying with Premium Points for Prime. I have about 10k premium points to work with.
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    I know its a longshot, but noone has anything? Lemme know!

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    Still looking for the following
    Any armor 7x enchanted or higher with crit padding or some plate with damage padding.
    Any DB items
    Any SK items especially 606
    Any weight reducing containers
    Any epic deepened containers
    Any heavy or above crit weighted weapons, especially OHE.

    Willing to trade premium points in Prime for the right items. Let me know. Looking to make a bulk deal if someone has some wonders stashed away collecting dust.

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    Still looking

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