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    Igerone points at a bright white banner hung over the glass door that reads, "Congratulations to Mayor Tawariell!"

    Congratulations to Tawariell for taking on the position of Icemule's new mayor, coming in with the most votes in our election!!

    House White Haven is incredibly proud of you!
    Your friends and supporters look forward to being a part of you making Icemule shine this year. It's going to be a lot of fun!


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    Congratulations Tawariell!!

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    Congratulations Tawariell. I would love to write an article on you in the next edition of Elanthian Vogue if you'd be willing to answer a few interview questions. PM me if you are and we'll get that set up

    P.S. Could either of you lovely ladies above let her know if she doesn't lurk on the PC. Thanks!
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    I sent her a link to the tread

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