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Thread: Weapons, Armor, Enhancives, Huge Containers, STR Bonus

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    2.5 on 29

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    Updated, will be in game in about 30 minutes looking to make deliveries.

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    3M on #29

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    250k on #1


    Quote Originally Posted by BigPun View Post
    Little of everything here. All items have 50k MB unless otherwise specified. Auction will go once, twice, sold and updated daily. Delivery available to any town. Buyout offers are welcomed and encouraged. You can contact Synops in game to set up delivery or pm me here.
    Thanks for looking.

    Enhancives and mage rechargables:

    1. Jet-streaked ivory marble archer’s ring, +3 Strength Bonus, +3 Stalking and Hiding Bonus, +2 Ambush Bonus, more than your average giantman could count, crumbly CB: 1.5m nocturnix SOLD
    2. Sinew-strung obsidian arrowhead pendant, +2 Strength Bonus, +4 Stalking and Hiding Bonus, +4 Physical Fitness bonus, more than your average giantman can count, crumbly CB: 1.5m nocturnix SOLD

    3. Ruby-inset ora earcuff, mage rechargeable Elemental detection (405), persists

    4. Enruned pewter buckle, mage rechargeable Spirit barrier (102), +3 arcane symbols bonus, crumbly enhansive, persists magic

    5. Fine white sunstone pendant, +4 mental lore transformation, blank imbed CB: 100k to khorpulent SOLD

    6. Gold filigree amber pin, mage rechargeable arcane decoy, +1 first aid ranks, persists on both

    7. Etched silver band, +1 EMC ranks, +1 AUR bonus, blank imbed, crumbly CB:50k willturn SOLD

    8. Carved blue dreamstone band, +3 max stamina, +1 discipline, blank imbed, crumbly CB: 250k willturn going twice

    9. Fine star sapphire barrette, 2 dodge ranks (10), blank imbed, crumbly CB: 50k Soulseer SOLD and delivered

    10. Gold and amethyst barrette, mage rechargeable Spirit Defense (103) persists

    11. Chrysoberyl inset gold talisman, +3 spell aiming bonus (6), crumbly CB: 150k Coldrider going twice

    12. White opal studded copper stickpin, +5 Perception Bonus (10), crumbly CB: 50k Soulseer SOLD and delivered

    13. Ivory-inlaid pewter stickpin, +2 Picking Locks Ranks (7), blank imbed, Persists both

    14. Bone-inlaid platinum stickpin
    , +1 Elemental Lore – Earth bonus, blank imbed, Persists both CB: 50k Yulis going twice

    15. Silver and red spinel brooch, +3 Stamina Recovery, blank imbed, Persists both CB: 400k to khorpulent SOLD

    16. Rune-etched green garnet brooch, mage rechargeable Spirit Shield (202) crumbly

    17. Square-cut pink topaz stickpin, 2 Physical Fitness Ranks, blank imbed, crumbly

    18. Amethyst inset copper crown, +1 DIS Bonus, +2 Influence Bonus, cant loresing spell

    19. Glittering star ruby crown, +1 INF Bonus, blank imbed, persists on both

    20. Filigreed mithril crown, +4 Spirit Mana Control Bonus, +1 Sorcerous Lore-Necromancy Bonus, crumbly

    21. Delicate platinum earcuff, +3 Stamina Recovery, blank imbed, crumbly CB: 50k Allen SOLD

    22. Heart-cut alexandrite earcuff, +2 Perception Ranks, blank imbed, persists on both

    23. Beryl-inset platinum torc, +1 AUR Bonus, +1 Spiritual Lore-Blessings Ranks, +1 First Aid Ranks, persists CB: 50k Allen SOLD

    24. Decided not to sell that and don't want to renumber everything

    25. Polished pink tourmaline torc, +1 Spirit Mana Control Ranks, Mage rechargeable Head Repair, crumbly

    26. Silver pumpkin-shaped clasp, decorative jewelry, pin worn


    27. Dented lor runestaff 5x, vanilla +25 CB: 50k kringer2501 SOLD and delivered

    28. Jagged vultite naginata, 4x, only 7 lbs CB: 200k Gamdillo SOLD

    29. Gleaming sephwir heavy crossbow, +25, perm Heavy Sighted CB: 2.5m Wickeid going once

    30. Burgandy hoarbeam light crossbow +17, perm sighted, not sure how much, +2 CON stat MB: 200k

    31. Bronze-tipped white ora longsword with black vruul skin wound about its hilt +10, sanctified, ice elemental, +4 health recovery(20), +9 max health (18)

    32. Chalk white steel claidhmore, +2 Spirit mana control Ranks, +1 Harness Power Ranks*

    33. Haon-hafted eonake Hammer of Kai
    , 4x, sancted

    34. Lime green glaes war hammer
    , +15, +6 Blunt Weapons ranks(42)*

    35. Full crescent vultite battle axe, +20, Sancted, Earth Flares*

    36. Violet Ipantor Long Bow, +17, Decent Sighting

    37. Fel-handled Mithglin Pilum, +15, +6 Dodging Bonus(13), +4 Polearm Weapon Bonus, +4 CON Stat

    38. Birch-hafted eahnor trident, +18, +4 Armor use bonus(13), +7 Combat Manuevers Bonus(17), +3 Dexterity Bonus(13) CB: 50k Brahmina SOLD and delivered

    39. Glistening Carmiln Runestaff, +6, Fire Flaring, +4 Logic

    40. Heavy Kakore Runestaff, +10, mana flaring*

    41. Iron-studded vultite mace, 4x Lightning Flares*

    42. Eonake Hammer of Kai
    , 4x, sancted, lightning flares CB: 50k shern going twice (lnet)

    43. Invar-edged Glaes Katana, +15, HCW* CB: 50k Brahmina SOLD and delivered


    44. Gleaming glaes studded leather +15, perm +4 TD, perm moderately resistant to disrupting

    45. Scarred spiked double leather, +15, temp +5 TD, perm moderately resistant to disrupting

    46. Tooled spiked leather breastplate, +5 temp crit padded, guessing masterful(don't hold me to it), fresh off critter

    47. Vultite Full plate
    , 4x* CB: 50k Brutish going SOLD and delivered (lnet)


    48. Hooded Black Suede Cloak fastened with a simple ruby clasp, holds huge, weighs 6 Max light/Max deep CB: 1m tangman SOLD

    49. High-collared black wool cape
    , weighs 9, holds significant, locked whisper cloak CB: 175k Brutish SOLD and delivered(lnet)
    The creator has also provided the following information:
    This item can be altered, but it needs to remain a worn, LONG, container with some kind of a clasp, which should remain a singular item, and should be able to be flipped (ie: no frog closures). In addition, the clasp portion of this cape is fully alterable. This clasp does NOT need to be included in the base/long of the item. This cape is Tier 0/2. Original merchant: Xanai, Duskruin.
    There is an auto-close feature when the item is worn. You can toggle this with PROD.
    Your cape is not yet unlocked. Some merchants may be willing to unlock this to the next tier. Available verbs: fold, prod, remove, tickle, touch, wear, whisper.
    You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the black wool cape for you or deepen its pockets.

    50. Polished fel supply case, holds medium, weighs 2, beltworn CB: 150k Viekn SOLD and delivered

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    #1 is sold for 1.5m

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    updated. Several items sold. I will be on for a few more minutes and again in about an hour for the rest of the night if you would like to arrange pickup.

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    Anything without bids can be considered flat price for the MB price for the next day or so. After that they will be lockered or pawned.

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    Everything with bids has sold. Last call on items without bids as flat price sales before they go away.

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