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Thread: Looking for a few items

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    Default Looking for a few items

    Looking For:

    Locked or Unlocked Splitting Axe or morningstar/mace/hammer

    Returner Weapons

    Trade Fodder:

    Legendary bloodrune cloak

    140 locker slot expansions

    4x illoke bane mace

    fixskills potion

    enhancive pendant with S&H, Strength, PF

    6x Perfect Trident - Theammer scripts

    Veil Iron Moonshard Pendant

    Custom Major Sanctuary Trinket from Delerium Manor

    Custom Major Sanctuary Trinket from Delerium Manor

    Diminutive battlemaster doll - Delerium Manor Completed Doll

    Piercing Kit with flippable jewelry

    Lots of Deepen Notes

    Altered scripted fletching kit with peacock fletchings


    This list will cycle through out time, trade fodder will be added and LF will be edit'd as well when I pick up things and look for more.
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    Bumped for the Plat PC goer's.

    It's not much to look at but I wanna keep it consolidated for myself

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    Edit's done to the list a smidge

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    I'm now adding 2 chronomage daggers to my want list, as these are currently top priority and looking to do a cash deal on one/two
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    Got the daggers. Updated the list

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