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Thread: More Reim with Reim Defense, Reim Bounties, and a scoreboard!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyronebiggums View Post
    I bet you were a trapsin in D2.

    Wow, that brings back some awesome D2 memories...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgoddess View Post
    Wow, that brings back some awesome D2 memories...
    Oh, you play a sorc? Teleport to Bael for us 3,000 times through packs of gloams and other stuff that 1-shots you. YES!

    Also, I'm super excited about this... having more and more options for hunting than grinding out in capped-level areas is HUGE. And the fact that the prizes are arguably on par with events we'd normally pay $20 for, I'm ridiculously happy that this is here!

    Retser's my hero.

    Also, since you're not busy man, mind taking on Cobbling? =D =D =D
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