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Thread: Explain Your God Auction Item Mechanics!

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    Large gear embossed sack.
    Inside are a breastplate, gauntlets, boots, burgonet. Currently 4x. When worn you wind up a mechanism to power the suit. Then when you flip a switch it all locks together becoming plate mail. When assembled it is expertly crit padded. It appears that when it is unassembled there is no padding and is possibly enchantable.(still exploring this) my lvl50 sorc would have to be extremely unlucky to not be able to put a tier 1 ensorcell on it. ..when struck in combat the padding will degrade slightly, but the suit can be put into a repair cycle that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete to remove all damage and restore the padding.. there is also a cool loresong but I'm still working on that as my bard is having troubles getting the last of it.

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    Rallied my spirits after losing out on the Illistim property - congratulations Alastir, I'm SO jealous - and managed to pick up an ethereal runestaff swirling with electric energy.

    Max light 8x runestaff with greater lightning flares and a +10 bonus to both Water and Air lores.

    Hoping that it will put a smile on Roh's husband's face, as he's a Charl-aligned mage, and make up for the lack of a new marital home. It should still get me the "Text-Wife of the Year" award though, right?

    Also traps a few verbs:

    GET ~ As Rohese draws an ethereal runestaff swirling with electric energy, luminescent slivers of electricity slither about its surface.

    RUB ~ Rohese's ethereal runestaff is set aglow as crackling ribbons of luminescent blue electricity creep about its surface.

    WAVE ~ Rohese waves her ethereal runestaff through the air and its surface is bathed in intertwined tendrils of luminescent blue energy.

    WAVE (target) ~ Sighisoara tilts his ethereal runestaff at you, and a crackling wisp of glowing blue energy zips forth and glides around you before dispersing into the air.

    RAISE ~ Rohese raises her ethereal runestaff into the air, and suddenly a whirling zephyr of light wreaths around her. The energy builds in intensity like the heart of a thunderstorm until her entire body is cloaked in the blazing aura. Slowly the maelstrom subsides with a barely-audible rumble, but Rohese's eyes appear far more luminous. (temporarily changes your eye colour to "intense deep blue eyes").

    Yet to determine the cooldown time on the RAISE verb.

    Edited to add: Will add messaging once I see him in action with it!
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    Rohese's GS Wiki page

    You arrange yourself on the throne.

    You attend to your gold wirework circlet, carefully smoothing the hair underneath, and adopt a regal air as you survey the area.

    You think to yourself, "I got this"

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    a misted black-veined emerald ring
    7x mist armor with apparently some awesome air flares, though I haven't been able to test yet
    Makes "some hazy black mist armor".

    >turn my ring
    As you twist the top of your emerald ring, it opens and flowers outward. Tendrils of black mist begin to flow out of the ring and swirl around you, and you begin to feel more burdened as the mist envelops your form. Finally, the tendrils cease emanating from the ring and settle down around you. Once quiescent, the tendrils merge together, creating a hazy black mist in the image of some hazy black mist armor around you.
    Roundtime: 3 sec.
    >turn my ring
    As you twist the top of your emerald ring, it flowers open and begins to suck air into the swirling black center that is revealed with a shrill whistling noise. As it continues, the tendrils of mist surrounding you begin to come apart in small wisps and are sucked into the interior of the ring. Once all the tendrils surrounding your form are drawn into the ring's interior, it closes with an audible **SNAP**.
    Roundtime: 10 sec.
    >flip my ring
    As you consider your next move, you absentmindedly spin the emerald ring around your finger.
    >attend my ring
    Bored, you repeatedly remove your emerald ring and slide it onto a different finger.
    >rub my ring
    Gazing at your emerald ring, you detect several hazy streaks blemishing its surface. With your thumb, you attempt to rub away the unsightly marks, but they quickly reappear along the ring.
    >wave my ring
    As you wave your hand through the air, tendrils of black mist stream from your emerald ring and swirl through the air in a dramatic display.

    I've set it to full plate, though I need to get 30k more experience so I can level my Warrior to be able to wear it to test the air flares. I was on the lookout for some cool armor for my Warrior, mainly, for this auction and I think I got it. That gem-eater plate looks awesome, though - wishing I hadn't held back to try to bid on something else first or I'd have tried to grab that.

    I also got the 5x ice-flaring discus bandolier. I always wanted one of those bandoliers, though now that I have it I'm not even sure what to do with it - I may have to consider a new character to build around it. Either that or re-spec my Sniper Ranger to use Thrown instead of Ranged to play around with it.

    A lot of cool stuff, for sure! I held back on a lot of it, as I wanted to be sure I'd use whatever I won.
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    a smooth golvern target shield

    +35 medium shield, can be blessed, but doesn't appear to be ensorcellable. Can be thrown or kicked at enemies.

    KICK and THROW seem to do the same thing, with different messaging, and have a shared cooldown. It hits 1 to 3 targets in the room with a flat 3 second RT. Cooldown is 45 seconds plus 15 per target, minus 15 for every 50 ranks of MOC down to a minimum of 45. With 100 ranks of MOC, I hit 45 seconds for 1-2 targets, 60 for 3 targets. The attack seems to use the impact critical table.

    Here are some examples (all with 303 shield ranks and 100 ranks MOC):

    You toss your golvern target shield up into the air and immediately pivot into a smooth roundhouse kick, your foot connecting solidly with the spinning disk to send it flying!
    [SMR result: 191 (Open d100: 81)]
    Your shield heads straight for a triton combatant and hits!
    ... 70 points of damage!
    Blow to back removes the spinal column!
    The triton combatant collapses, gurgling once with a wrathful look on her face before expiring.
    Your shield makes a looping arc back in your direction and you expertly snag it out of the air, slotting it in one smooth motion back onto your arm.
    Roundtime: 3 sec.

    [SMR result: 161 (Open d100: 66)]
    Your shield heads straight for a spectral triton defender and hits!
    ... 45 points of damage!
    Huge hit explodes right arm into cold, viscous mist.
    When you look again, the arm has reformed.

    [SMR result: 138 (Open d100: 29)]
    Your shield heads straight for a siren and hits!
    ... 35 points of damage!
    Massive blow to neck snaps it!
    The siren gives a plaintive wail before she slumps to her side and dies.
    The brilliant luminescence fades from around a siren.
    Your shield makes a looping arc back in your direction and you expertly snag it out of the air, slotting it in one smooth motion back onto your arm.
    Roundtime: 3 sec.

    Locking your left arm tightly around your golvern target shield, you coil backwards then pivot forward explosively, launching the shield into the air with devastating force!
    [SMR result: 153 (Open d100: 72)]
    Your shield heads straight for an ancient triton defender and hits!
    ... 25 points of damage!
    Quick blow to the belly causes the triton defender to drift backwards slightly.

    [SMR result: 110 (Open d100: 18)]
    Your shield heads straight for a triton radical and hits!
    ... 25 points of damage!
    Strong blow to left arm breaks it!
    Your shield makes a looping arc back in your direction and you expertly snag it out of the air, slotting it in one smooth motion back onto your arm.
    Roundtime: 3 sec.

    Also has a few nice fluff scripts on it for wear, remove, pound (when worn and when held), roll, turn, cover, and rub.

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    Any examples from the long emerald green ethereal runestaff?
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    REALLY hoping to see the Belmont whip in action. Come on, Vampire Killer!

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    Default A Long Emerald Green Ethereal Runestaff


    a long emerald green ethereal runestaff

    Transparent in appearance, yet seemingly solid when handled, the runestaff radiates emerald green light. It has a columnar core that manifests as spiraling currents of air electrified by an unseen source. A constant whisper of wind and the crackling of energy emanates from its heart like a gentle zephyr galvanized by a raging lightning storm, and the distinct scent of ozone cannot be mistaken. Warped fragments of earth and metal glide over the fitful core as if in a vain struggle to contain the force within. You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter's glyph.
    There appears to be something written on it.

    In the Common language, it reads:

    It inspects as being "mainly crafted out of air."

    There are 13 verbs that activate zests. There are also infrequent ambient messages. The ambient messages can be Prodded off.


    It has a special loresong that is visible to everybody in the room. A greatly summarized version is that it was used by an Arkati during the Ur-Daemon war. This Arkati and a Drake fought an Ur-Daemon. They were outmatched by the Ur-Daemon, who killed the Drake and was about to finish off the Arkati, when in an act of desperation and at the cost of his life the Arkati used this runestaff to kill the injured Ur-Daemon. Although the Arkati died, this runestaff survived, baptized in the Ur-Daemon's caustic blood. The loresong also revealed that there is a crystallized Drake heart somewhere in the lands that was discarded by the Ur-Daemon when it killed the Drake.


    Bard sings something staccato in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
    The green ethereal runestaff seems to respond to the magic of Bard's song.
    Bard goes pale, trembles, and nearly drops his green ethereal runestaff.

    Bard sings something staccato in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
    The green ethereal runestaff seems to respond to the magic of Bard's song.
    Bard's eyes grow unfocused as he gazes into the distance, and you feel a vague tickling in the back of your mind. With little warning, a vision unfolds before you...

    For as far as the eye could see, the land was scorched beyond recognition. The blackened facade, cracking and scarred, seemed a foreign and broken world. Even the sky was bruised by towering thunderheads tinted in the red-purple shades cast by the lightning born from behind their ominous faces. And the sounds... everywhere were shrieks, inhuman and alien, bestial cries from mouths rimmed in fangs. The creatures were unlike anything he'd seen before, breathtaking in their monstrosity. This Arkati was certain that they were the origin of all nightmares, the darkness from which all things fearsome were made.

    Tendrils of viridian energy snake out from the base of Bard's green ethereal runestaff and crawl haltingly across the ground.

    Bard sings something staccato in Guildspeak that you don't understand.

    The green ethereal runestaff seems to respond to the magic of Bard's song.
    Bard's gaze pans upward as the notes of his song trail off, and a sudden spark of alarm flashes in his eyes only seconds before you are overtaken by a wave of apprehension as a vision appears.

    Overhead, massive bodies collided with such force that shockwaves rippled through the air, buffeting him like a stiff wind. Tilting his golden eyes upward, the Arkati found the sky alive with movement -- the flapping of leathery wings, the writhing of barbed tentacles. Drakes, their numbers without measure, battled relentlessly with their malefic foes, the Ur-Daemons. Each time one fell from the sky, the ground beneath his feet trembled and shuttered under the impact. All across the landscape, he could see the bodies of his enemies lying in ruin, but he also saw those of his masters. So many had fallen. The lament was silent and brief, broken by a shrill cry from behind that caused him to turn with his staff raised in defense.

    Bard sings something staccato in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
    The green ethereal runestaff seems to respond to the magic of Bard's song.
    Bard takes a hesitant step back as his eyes widen, and you feel a knot of fear grow in the pit of your stomach. Unbidden, a vision arises before your mind's eye.

    He had to retreat a step in order to take in the full sight of what confronted him now -- a corpulent, cyclopean creature covered in green-black scaled hide, with matching immense, claw-tipped wings and a sextet of awkwardly long but muscled arms. The Arkati had heard whispers of the beast, lowly, carefully as if mere mention of it were a curse. It was crouched before him, though still so colossal as to consume the entirety of his field of vision. In his ears, he could hear the thrumming of his blood, even above the cacophony of tortured voices raised about him. In that moment, there was nothing else; the rest of the battlefield faded away as his gilded eyes locked on the murky yellow gaze of his opponent. The beast's body heaved with each breath, and a viscous fluid seeped from its maw, sizzling as it hit the ground.

    (OOC) Bard's player whispers, "This is a small item, under a pound. You tremble and can barely hold onto the green ethereal runestaff. You estimate it must be worth over a hundred million silvers! You can also tell that the green ethereal runestaff is predominantly crafted of air."

    Bard sings something ethereally in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
    The green ethereal runestaff seems to respond to the magic of Bard's song.
    Bard seems to choke on his melody, and sir coughs as if trying to catch his breath. Similarly, your breath catches in your throat as images assault your mind.

    The Arkati's breath came in ragged gasps as he crouched on one knee, staff in his left hand, while the right was pressed to the ground for balance. Both sweat and blood ran from his forehead and into his eyes. His vision blurred, the Arkati wiped the back of a gauntleted hand across his brow though it accomplished nothing. Thrown aside in the struggle, his greaves lay sizzling yards away, much of them dissolved by the acidic saliva of the beast. Though the creature itself was short an arm and a half and bore a myriad of wounds, it seemed unphased.

    The Ur-Daemon at once lurched forward with frightful speed, roaring with unchecked rage as it charged. The Arkati steeled his courage and rose, surging into the air to meet the approaching danger.

    Bard sings something ethereally in Elven that you don't understand.
    The green ethereal runestaff seems to respond to the magic of Bard's song.
    Bard squares his shoulders as he draws himself tall and straight. His eyes glaze with a golden sheen of iridescence. Your own sight is all at once swallowed by gilded light, and a vision plays across the glimmering backdrop.

    Against a nightmarescape of ruddy sky and blackened earth, he was like a lance of illumination cutting away at the darkness. In and out of the arms of the beast he wove, narrowly avoiding the Ur-Daemon's clawed grasp while delivering blow after blow. Each spell from his gauntleted hand tore at dark flesh, releasing torrents of black blood over the ground below. After each successful strike, his confidence grew, his blood sang. Emboldened, he took a chance, dared to hope he could land a blow that would end this once and for all: a strike to the center of its body mass. Surely that would enough.

    The split second decision was made, and the Arkati set the air ablaze as he hurtled himself at the creature.

    Bard sings something ethereally in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
    The green ethereal runestaff seems to respond to the magic of Bard's song.
    As the last strains of his verse fall from his lips, Bard staggers as if struck by a fearsome blow. In the same moment, you feel a heaviness in your chest that turns to crushing pain as a vision is played out before you.

    He had been foolish. Anticipating his bold move, the beast left the ground with several beats of its massive wings, twisting its body so that the Arkati's blow was but glancing. A crushing swipe from the creature's arms caught him as he passed, pummeling him into the ground with such force that he felt the stone crack beneath him. The impact rendered his left arm useless, and with each breath, he could feel splinters of his own bones burrowing deeper into the soft tissues of his body. He coughed, and crimson stained his lips.

    He had dared too much, given too much to hope, and was now broken by his folly. He could only let the end come, and on frightful leathery wings, it did just that. The creature hovered over its prey, salivating at the prospect of the kill, before it dove for the final strike. He closed his eyes, and he waited... waited for a release that did not come. The shrill scream of a Drake drowned out the sound of his own heartbeat in his ears, and he opened his eyes to see the Ur-Daemon swept away in a blur of gold and purest white.

    Bard sings something ethereally in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
    The green ethereal runestaff seems to respond to the magic of Bard's song.
    Bard clutches a hand to his chest, and the words of his song sound strained. Before you can offer a word of comfort, you are gripped by a deep ache in the center of your chest. A vision follows the sensation.

    He watched in something like both horror and amazement as the niveous Drake set upon the Ur-Daemon in a fury of rending talons and snapping jaws. His mistress, she had come. The Arkati held a painful breath as he watched the pair rise into the sky, a writhing mass of wings and claws, one distinguishable from the other only because one was so dark and the other so light. He heard the creature wail as limbs were torn from its body, and all about him rained a caustic black shower of blood. In an act of desperation, the creature grappled to get a grip on the Drake and finally found purchase on one of her wings.

    Bard sings something ethereally in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
    The green ethereal runestaff seems to respond to the magic of Bard's song.
    The consternation on Bard's face turns to mortification as he gazes into the distance, trembling. Trepidation fills your heart as your sight grows dim and a vision invades your mind.

    A shrill, ear-splitting screech split the air as one of the Drake's wings was shorn from her body, and she and the Ur-Daemon, unable to remain aloft, came tumbling down to earth in a roiling disarray.

    A great, thunderous reverberation rippled through the ground as their bodies struck, sending a plume of scorched dust into the air around them. As well as he could, the Arkati struggled to draw nearer to his mistress, coughing through the polluted air and supported only by his staff. When he could finally see past the haze of dust, there she lay, her gilded pure white scales strewn with crimson and ebon stains. She struggled to right herself, but the Ur-Daemon's taloned foot clamped down on her neck.

    Bard sings something ethereally in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
    The green ethereal runestaff seems to respond to the magic of Bard's song.
    Bard's song dissolves into a scream as he doubles over in pain, and from the corners of his gold-hazed eyes, thin trails of tears begin to flow. You noticed that your own cheeks feel damp as a scene plays out in the theater of your mind.

    He could hear himself screaming. He could feel the raw, wordless noise tearing at his throat as he stumbled forward, as if hoping the force of his will alone would propel him. Time slowed to an inching crawl as the Ur-Daemon drew back a razor-taloned fist and plunged it into the Drake's chest. It was long enough for the Arkati's gaze to meet hers, long enough for him to see the light die in eyes.

    In that moment, every pain of his flesh paled in comparison to the agony that gripped his soul, and the weight of it bore him to his knees. The Ur-Daemon turned to balefully meet the Arkati's gaze, the Drake's heart still clutched in its grasp. Now free of her chest, the organ became petrified, taking on a crystalline form beneath the blood and viscera. The Ur-Daemon seemed unaware as he tossed the heart carelessly away and advanced on the shattered Arkati.

    Bard sings something ethereally in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
    The green ethereal runestaff seems to respond to the magic of Bard's song.
    Bard takes a shuddering breath as he sets his jaw. The golden haze glazing his eyes flares brilliantly as thin threads of energy begin to leak from the gilded orbs. Your sight glazes gold, and a flush rises to your face as you are confronted by vivid apparitions.

    Behind his gilded eyes, an untameable fire flared to life, kindled by anguish and fueled by rage. Gripping his staff with both hands, the Arkati laboriously struggled to his feet. There was but a little left of the light within him, just a spark of what once had been, but it would have to be enough. Summoning every ounce of his remaining strength, he drew himself tall, bracing his staff against his forearm as he beckoned the Ur-Daemon forward.

    The invitation did not go unanswered as the creature lumbered forward with a halting gait created by weariness and loss of limbs. In kind, he launched himself at the creature, every fiber of muscle and sinew crying out in pain. With few limbs left to bear, the creature swung a clawed hand at the Arkati, inscribing a wide arc through the air. It was just enough for him to dive beneath and come to his knees again. The Ur-Daemon, incensed, roared with fury and reversed course to barrel toward the prone Arkati.

    Bard sings something ethereally in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
    The green ethereal runestaff seems to respond to the magic of Bard's song.
    As Bard's song grows near its terminus, his eyes flutter closed, and he exhales a cleansing breath. Like webs etched in broken glass, thin threads of energy begin to crawl along the floor at his feet. As lightning to a rod, the energy coalesces about you, and aberrations flash before your eyes.

    Though only the barest of moments had passed, it seemed as an eternity to him. The Arkati had seen in his mind's eye what would be, what would have to happen, the sacrifice to be made. He acquiesced to his fate joyfully as he took a breath and closed his eyes, and around him, the world came rushing back.

    The Ur-Daemon was upon him in an instant, and the Arkati wasted no time in rising to greet his foe. Whirling the staff in his hand as he turned, fractured tendrils of energy tore at the air, and as he slammed the heel of the weapon into the ground, a fan of lightning erupted outward. Each vein of raw energy ran toward the creature and leapt from the ground, encircling its wrists and its legs, tethering it in place. The beast roared as it struggled, and here had come the moment to strike.

    Bard sings something ethereally in Guildspeak that you don't understand.
    The green ethereal runestaff seems to respond to the magic of Bard's song.
    As the last notes of Bard's song begin to die on his lips, a vision fills your mind, the last scenes little more than flashes of color on a dark landscape.

    The Arkati gathered the last vestiges of his power and launched himself into the air. He cradled the staff against his body as his spiraling ascension drew him ever closer to his target, to the Ur-Daemon, and to oblivion. He'd become a lance embodied; his powers married to the energies infusing the staff created of him a living weapon.

    With his mistress' name on his lips, he collided with the Ur-Daemon, and as he did, the staff simultaneously flared with an outpouring of emerald green light. The resulting discharge of energy tore through the Ur-Daemon, its short-lived screams buried beneath a thunderous explosion, and it crumpled to the ground like an empty husk, bereft of any substance. Just beyond lay the staff, still clutched in the gauntleted fist of the Arkati, who was ruined beneath the caustic vital fluids of the Ur-Daemon. Most of his armor had been burned away, along with his features, and the last of his labored breaths were wet and tortured.

    When at last the Arkati succumbed, a sigh parted his blackened lips, and his fingers unfurled their grip of the staff. It lay deserted, having served its purpose, but beneath its ever-shifting shell, its core incandesced, burning away the acidic blood in which it had been baptized.


    The enchantment is 5x, and it can be further enchanted. It has three abilities, which were mostly explained by the auctioneer.

    1. It periodically flares when you cast. The flare causes your spell to bypass defensive spells on the target. The flare frequency seems to be about the same as normal elemental flares. This ability works regardless of whether or not you have infused mana or spirit into the runestaff. The benefit of the flare varies based how spelled the target is.

    2. When infused with mana, it (a) lowers cast RT to 2 seconds, and (b) adds a level acuity equal to the enchantment of the runestaff (i.e., at its current 5x enchantment, it adds 5x acuity). Both abilities activate on every cast, including self-cast defensive spells, until the mana is exhausted. It holds a maximum of 50 mana. Each cast uses 2 stored mana, so 25 casts before you need to infuse it again.

    3. When infused with spirit, a third ability can be activated when desired. This third ability (a) causes the spell negating flare (number 1 above) to activate on every cast, and (b) doubles the enchantment of the runestaff. Because the acuity (number 2 above) is tied to the enchantment, activating this ability also doubles the acuity if the runestaff has stored mana. If the runestaff has no mana when the spirit ability is active, then the staff still grants the spell negating flare on every cast but does not impart any acuity or RT reduction. This third ability lasts 6 seconds per infused spirit point and may be used once per hour.

    If I get it further enchanted, then the acuity ability will increase to equal the enchant level (6x enchant = 6x acuity with the mana infusion ability or 12x acuity with the spirit ability), and the amount of mana it holds will also increase.

    Edit (01/18/2017): I removed the reference to wands and other magic items. It was a bug that it worked with magic items, which is too bad, because I was having a lot of fun with blue and metal wands in the Confluence. However, Estild confirmed that it is supposed to work with scrolls.
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    That staff is so cool! I hope you're enjoying it, Nindon. I wish they had added return if disarmed ... i would hate to lose something like that.
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    Yeah, very cool staff, N. That's just about the only one I would actually give up a tower shield to use.
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    Default a small metal device

    a small metal device

    >About an inch and a half in length, the shape of this small contraption was designed to comfortably follow the natural curves of the wearer's ear. Ten miniscule holes line the device's sleek outer edge, and a long wire with a flat disc on the end dangles from a tiny securing pin which is currently inserted into the fourth hole.

    The analyze info pretty much says it all:

    >analyze my dev
    You analyze your metal device and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

    The creator has also provided the following information:
    This item is a language translator and is currently set to the elven language. It can be changed to one of 10 different languages using TURN, which will initiate a 7-day cooldown. The cooldown will be applied once the item is WORN. Cultural languages are not available.

    For alterations, long descriptions are allowed, but the item must remain something fairly small that makes sense to slip behind your ear. Because the item has a hard-coded show, custom show descriptions are not allowed.

    CURRENT VERBS: PULL (change language), PUSH, REMOVE, TURN, and WEAR.

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