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Thread: Shattered Alchemy Assistance

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    I'm nearing the completion of my General Alchemy drudgery. If any of you folks in Shattered could help me out by leaving the following items on the benches in any town it would be greatly appreciated.

    • radiant crimson mote of essence
    • some radiant crimson essence dust
    • green malachite stone
    • golden moonstone

    If there are any items on the General Alchemy list, feel free to send me a PM. You will need to provide the ingredients, but I'll be more than happy to cook them up for you.


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    You ask Baire about getting promoted to your next rank in General Alchemy.

    Baire completes the promotion ritual and says, "Congratulations, Abaddon, for mastering this skill!"

    (You earn 200 exp. and 50 fame.)
    I just wanted to congratulate Tillmen for mastering General Alchemy again. But for Alchemy.lic I never would have, so you get all the credit.

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    Holy shit Abaddon
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    You sense that the ritual is complete and lower your hands. The flame beneath the cauldron quietly goes out. You note that the solution in the cauldron has formed a crystalline structure.

    You reach into the cauldron and take out a gleaming multicolored soulstone.
    That took a fair amount of time and attention.

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    You are a Master of General Alchemy.

    You are a Master of Alchemic Trinkets.
    Two down, one to go.

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