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Thread: Take this stick off my hands

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    Default Take this stick off my hands

    MB: 100k

    a rough orase runestaff, 4 lbs

    Bard Song:
    +20, cold flaring, +13 SMC bonus (L55 min), +4 influence bonus (L4), +2 max health (L1), lot of charges, persists.

    You analyze your orase runestaff and sense that the item is free from merchant alteration restrictions.

    You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the orase runestaff for you.

    You carefully inspect your orase runestaff.

    After a careful inspection you determine that a rough orase runestaff requires skill in twohanded weapons to use effectively. It appears to be a modified rune staff.

    It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of orase.

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    Japhrimel takes his black branding iron and jabs the superheated metal into your open wound. You let out a scream as the hot iron sizzles against your flesh, which begins to smoke and burn. The sensation sets your nerves aflame with blinding white agony, but somehow you manage to retain consciousness through the excruciating procedure. At last, the wound is blackened and sealed, but the pain is slow to recede.

    ...unfortunately, your heart gives out a moment later.

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    Sold on BO

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