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Thread: Fully unlocked beltworn auto bundling skin bag +4 FA bonus/+4 Survival bonus

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    I will take one of the satchel's when you have another available- hit me up here or in game as Valis or Voltmage

    Ps... that GS wiki link is bugged at the moment

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    Ballpark how many skins does this hold? I have an unlocked one and it seems to fill up quick
    Discord - allen#5476

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    No idea! It probably depends on the type/weight of skin too.

    But it is 40 lbs as is (60 lb with epic deepening note).

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    Ya got one of these? - a fuzzy calico kitten-shaped satchel mottled with brown and tan

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    ill take one!

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    I will take one. Do you still have it?

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    I'll take one if it's still there.

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    Another available

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    ill take it, pm'ed

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    Another available

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