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  1. shad0ws0ngs
    Hey all. It's still a little bit early, but I figure why not entertain ideas on a building. We are tier 3 and we have had 5-6 events already this year, so we just need to wait till March 27th of next year and we can submit to get a building. Anyone have ideas?

    Currently, I kind of like the idea of a courtyard with a small building in it. In the courtyard lots of vegetation and plants, hopefully native to the area around New Ta'Faendrly(herein referred to merely as NTF). Somewhere, hidden within that mess, a cave.. though I haven't really decided what to go in the cave yet. In the actual building I would love a small room that is labeled like "departure room" and has a summoner sitting there maintaining two rifts(doors that look like rifts) and you go into them and one leads to a summoning chamber within the Basilica in NTF and the other into a palestran training hall.. obviously they don't actually take you there, but I would like the appearance of Faendryl rifting back home.
  2. shad0ws0ngs
  3. Xzean
    Holy crap that is a long time.

    Anyway I love the idea but I don't really think it will get passed. However we could have two scryers ready to take messages from NTF and the Basilica if that doesn't fly. Otherwise a summoning room, alchemy room, and very sparse and utilitarian except for private rooms and a public lounge.
  4. shad0ws0ngs
    How does this idea sit with anyone?

    Contest: Design a Faendryl-themed/inspired building for the Faendryl Enclave. Building should include a courtyard and a building, maybe some more secret spots, and be 8-10 rooms big. The design the judges view as being the best will receive a general alteration, lightening, or deepening service of their choice.
  5. shad0ws0ngs
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