Meeting Minutes

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  1. shad0ws0ngs
    Thread to post about meetings. What happened in them, what was discussed, discussion on them, etc. Since we have members in every city, this might be a good way of hearing everyone's opinions.

    Things to be discussed tonight! (I might not make it, as I am taking my dad out to dinner for his birthday).

    How the last event went: It went well. Mostly just Faendryl and some of you guys really need to occasionally speak common, but otherwise went well.

    Next Event Ideas: Was planning to do something on law, death, dueling for the Dark Elf Weekend.. which I was told was this month, but it looks like this month is going to be an Erithi one. Other ideas? Lectures? Games? Etc? In the future we can use raffles, and once they're sent in, QC'd and whatnot, prize closet items. Once those items are made the list will be made available in the prize closet thread.
  2. shad0ws0ngs
    If you have ideas for future raffles, put them in the prize closet thread. Event ideas mentioned recently: Auction, Faendryl Dinner, Animation Discussion, Talk on/with the Patriarch, Something Palestra related, the ever useful fallback of demons which personally gets a wee bit old. Hearth Side Stories! Anyone? Anyone? If anyone would like to RUN an event, I am more than happy to help and support you on this.

    Membership: We haven't inducted anyone in quite a while.. I kind of miss it! And meetings have been pretty sparse lately.. know any Faendryl who might be interested in joining? Got a friend wanting to try out a Faendryl character? .. We've also kicked around the idea of Half-Faendryl membership. Originally this was a "maybe", but after the release of the not-quite-QC'd sociopolitical document, which includes a position for Half-Faendryl within society, this is more of a "probably".. I know the Faendryl Alliance was definitely a yes on that issue. Opinions?
  3. shad0ws0ngs
    Joining the PC Group here.. hey, lots of folks joined the yahoo group.. join this too! I feel this is a great way to keep up to date with everyone, have OOC conversations on issues, etc. The yahoo group is great for general notices and calendar items, as well as a place to post information, but not so great for actual discussions. I'll post a link to this page on there.
  4. shad0ws0ngs
    Dear lord.. I apologize for the mass of posts, but there is a 1000 character limit for group posts. it's driving me batty.
  5. shad0ws0ngs
    Preferences on going to meetings once a month? Unless some large event in the works? Also, that reminds me, the main point I wanted to get to at the meeting which I entirely forgot about(I need a nap).. frontier days.. join up? do an event? sit out? preferences?
  6. Xzean
    I just wanted to say that the blatant OOC at the meeting was not okay with me. I come to the meetings for the role play. We have many MANY avenues of talking about things OOC that are not the game. We have had GM events happen at our meetings. If they were watching us yesterday we will likely never have another.
  7. leifastagsweed
    I had every intent to speak about my moderately OOC topic while grouped properly for such discussions. I asked twice to group and inevitably openly brought up what I considered to an important matter. To be fair, though, it was questions concerning our messaging system, not like the latest movie I went to or something, and I'd hardly call it a 'blatant OOC' RP failure nor do I think a GM would ever flip out the way you did. Regardless, the reason for my concern in the first place is that I feel there is a great deal of disconnect of information and responsibilities as of late. I had hoped to address it reasonably and appropriately, but with all the flack, I just dropped it and the discussion entirely. I'd be happy to step down if it will appease you.
  8. Zaigh
    In my opinion, one of the reasons that we hold the meetings at a table are for both semi-privacy and the ability to speak OOCly, as tables are a designated area that it is ok to do such at. As an organization that uses mediums outside of the game, we will have to talk about such OOC topics from time to time but can do so in a way that is ok for the majority of our members. We used to all join up in a group for that reason, but seem to have gotten away from that a bit. Perhaps it is time that we went back to that method so as to avoid speaking about OOC topics related to the group openly at the table.
  9. Zaigh
    For Frontier Days my idea is for a Siegery Tournament. There's even a couple of ways that this can be done: single elimination rounds or swiss rounds. Single elimination is usually a bit faster overall, but folks don't have anything to do when they are beaten. Swiss rounds have everyone continue playing and the places are determined on a points system such as wins get 3 points and losses get 1 point. # of rounds is determined by # of people participating, I can go further into that if need be. My idea on prizes is to split 1m up amongst the top players, like so - 1st:400k, 2nd:200k, 3rd-4th:100k, 5-8th:50k. Would also like to see an altered repair case as a prize for 1st, and we could buy minis for anyone that doesn't have one. How does that sound?
  10. Xzean
    Well Leifa, let me just say I disagree with literally everything you posted and leave it at that.
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